Hotel California one more time for Glenn! (1948 – 2016)

Hotel California – The Eagles (1976) HD SACD Remaster HD 1080p Video

Hotel California was released by The Eagles on their fifth studio album, Hotel California, in the winter of 1976.

On a dark desert highway,
Cool wind in my hair,
Warm smell of “colitas”
Rising up through the air,
Up ahead in the distance
I saw a shimmering light,
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim,
I had to stop for the night.

There she stood in the doorway,
I heard the mission bell
And I was thinkin’ to myself :
“This could be heaven and this could be hell”
Then she lit up a candle,
And she showed me the way,
There were voices down the corridor,
I thought I heard them say

Welcome to the Hotel California,
Such a lovely place, (Such a lovely place) Such a lovely face
Plenty of room at the Hotel California,
Any time of year, (Any time of year) You can find it here

Her mind is Tiffany-twisted,
She got the Mercedes BENZ
She got a lot of pretty, pretty boys
she calls friends
How they dance in the courtyard,
Sweet summer sweat
Some dance to remember,
Some dance to forget

So I called up the Captain
“Please bring me my wine”
He said, “We haven’t had that spirit here
Since nineteen sixty-nine”
And still those voices are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Just to hear them say:

Welcome to the Hotel California,
Such a lovely place, (Such a lovely place) Such a lovely face
They’re livin’ it up at the Hotel California,
What a nice surprise, (What a nice surprise) Bring your alibis

Mirrors on the ceiling,
The pink champagne on ice, and she said:
“We are all just prisoners here,
Of our own device”
And in the master’s chambers
They gathered for the feast,
They stabbed it with their steely knives,
But they just can’t kill the beast

Last thing I remember, I was running for the door,
I had to find the passage back to the place I was before,
“Relax,” said the night man, “We are programmed to receive,
You can check out anytime you like… but you can never leave”

(Guitar Solo Until End)

This album brings back very special memories for me of my high school year, and so I wanted to dedicate the effort to my classmates from my old high school in Texas.

I’d been wanting try and do something for “Hotel California” for a very long time….the imagery of the song is so unique and I thought it might be interesting to try and capture something. Anyway, I tried to make something that I always wanted to see for this song….palms, dark highway, lightning, hotel’s, candles, mission bells, that mysterious lady in the doorway….and of course even more palms blowing in the wind! ;-)

Actually it’s not exactly what I tried to do, there were some really cool mask effects I was playing with (band jamming in the various doors and windows in the album art…but tracking was brutal and I gave up), and of course, it really needed more time and work to mix up the existing/repeat effects, but as usual by the time I could have done such fine tuning…I just wanted it done! LOL! As with most of my videos…’ll never compete with the single album art and/or crappy sounding versions so I resign myself to just getting it close since it ain’t gonna matter anyway. But if you are taking the time to check it out and read this……THANKS so much for watching….I really hope you enjoy the effort.

After spending quite a bit of time searching, the best “Hotel Californiaish” hotel I could find to work with wasn’t a hotel at all…it’s Stetson Law University in Florida!

NBC (wonderful live clips of the band performing the song)

The Painted Veil II
by ~miss-baudelaire\~miss-baudelaire
Dark Lady
Charlotte Anderson Photography…

….for their amazing “Hotel California ladies”

Stetson Law University (for “hotel california”)

…and OF COURSE EVERYONE ELSE who’s art made this new art possible…..THANK YOU!!!!

By MetalGuruMessiah

Jethro Tull Videos by MetalGuruMessiah

Thanks to all my friends and fans out there….your support and encouragement is everything! :-)

The Jethro Tull videos so far:

Home – Jethro Tull (1979) FLAC Remaster HD Video

Fylingdale Flyer – Jethro Tull (1980) HQ FLAC Remaster HD Video

Locomotive Breath – Jethro Tull (1971) 40th Anniversary FLAC Remaster 1080p Video

Slow Marching Band – Jethro Tull (1982) HQ Audio Remaster HD Video

Heavy Horses – Jethro Tull (1978) Remastered FLAC Audio HD Video

Witch’s Promise – Jethro Tull (1970) FLAC Audio Remaster HD Video

Moths – Jethro Tull (1978) FLAC Audio Remaster HD Video

From A Deadbeat To An Old Greaser – Jethro Tull (1976) FLAC Remaster HD Video

Aqualung – Jethro Tull (1971) 40th Anniversary FLAC Remaster HD Video

Acres Wild – Jethro Tull (1978) Remaster HD Video

Murmansk Run/Ellis Island – Al Stewart (1980)

Murmansk Run/Ellis Island – Al Stewart (1980) FLAC Remaster HD 1080p VIdeo

“Murmansk Run/Ellis Island” was released on Al Stewart’s ninth studio album, 24 Carrots, in August of 1980. Proud to make my very first video of 2016 this fine, fine epic Al Stewart track! Happy New Year to all! This one’s for all our immigrant ancestors who came to to this land of opportunity in the hopes of giving their families’ a better life! Unless you are a native American, we all crossed some river, border, or ocean to make this our home….and what a “home” our ancestors from so many different parts of the world made for us!!!! :-)

As a longtime major fan of Al Stewart, after all these years his music still holds a special place for me. I enjoy working on videos for his songs because his amazingly evocative lyrics, often dealing with historical topics, are they always inspire me so to try and find the imagery to match his music.

Although this is my eighth video for an Al Stewart track, I actually started on this one right after finishing my first one for one of his songs (“Palace Of Versailles”). This was to be my second video before I put it aside for another (simpler) track from the 24 Carrots album (as I mentioned in my description for “Merlin’s Time”), that was 3.5 long years ago! And although I ended up finishing numerous other Al Stewart videos from this before I made it back to “Murmansk Run/Ellis Island”, this is still one of my all time very fav Al Stewart tracks….and I’m so happy I finally got around to doing something for it!

Amazing Murmansk footage from and HUGE thanks to:
Timur Ermakov

K. Letavin

Dmitry Adamov

Please visit their channels to see the full versions of the absolutely stunning timelapse videos they’ve shared!

Thanks to all for your continued support for the vids!

Your father sailed on the Murmansk run
To guide the flocks of the ships home one by one
Grey beneath the Arctic sun
Or the glow of Northern Lights

I see you have his photograph
His eyes are watching for dangers fore or aft
Trading days beneath the sun
For the cold and wintry nights of the Murmansk run

He never did come home to you
It’s long forgotten, a childhood dream or two
But something of the cold got through
And it lingers in your eyes

On days like these you hear the wind
And feel the chill of the ice floes closing in
Trading days beneath the sun
For the cold and wintry nights of the Murmansk run

Save our souls, river of darkness over me
Save our souls, lost on the dark uncharted sea

Now you hide yourself from view
You seem to find it an easy thing to do
Trading days beneath the sun
For the cold and wintry nights of the Murmansk run

Save our souls, river of darkness over me
Save our souls, lost on the dark uncharted sea

Well you wake up in the morning on Hester street
And run to the factory, You can’t afford to be late
Working every morning, every evening, every day
For your money, Yet there’s nothing to save

Watching your life pass by the window
Feeling it all run through your hands
Counting the thousands behind in the lines
Waiting time for their chance

From Ellis Island, day after day
From Ellis Island, dreams slip away

Meanwhile from the market come the cries
Of every tongue and every nation
Refugeless refugees
Faces from the endless plains of Russia
Blonde Norwegian, dark Croatian
Songs in sad minor keys
Feeling the heat inside the furnace
Trying to make that break away
Reaching their hands for a grip
On the edge just to slip back again

From Ellis Island, day after day
From Ellis Island, dreams slip away

Ah well I’ve heard it said
If you just use your head
You can make your fortune here
One lucky break and that’s all it would take

But it never seems to be near
Another day, another ship pulls into harbor
And the crowd spills down the gangway
Clutching their suitcases tight

Blinking in the sunlight at the door of the new world
They hold the handrail
With all the post thrown behind
Caught in between now and forever
Wondering just what lies ahead
Each one is waiting and hoping
The door will be open to them

On Ellis Island, day after day
On Ellis Island, time slips away

From Ellis Island, day after day
From Ellis Island, dreams slip away

Save our souls, river of darkness over me
Save our souls, lost on the dark uncharted sea

Future Boy – Catherine Wheel (1997)

Future Boy – Catherine Wheel (1997) FLAC HD Video

“Future Boy” was released on Catherine Wheel’s fourth studio album, Adam and Eve, in July of 1997.

This is my fifth track from this amazing album (and my seventh or eight from the band) so I won’t repeat myself going on about how much/why I love this band or this album in particular (check descriptions of the previous videos if you care to witness my worship! ;-)….but I will repeat, this record is certainly one of my top 5 or even 3 of all time….coincidentally two (Wish You Were Here and Animals) of the other albums sharing the top 3 or 5 are by a band which this album evokes so strongly (Pink Floyd)….whatever I don’t want to fall down that rabbit hole again….let me just end by saying this is still one of my very favorite albums of all time….and if you’ve not yet listened to it (at least 3-4 times for it to set) then I suggest you do so IMMEDIATELY! ;-)

……..and of course any video I’ve made for a Catherine Wheel song wouldn’t be complete without a plea for the band to reunite! :-) …and barring that….where the hell is Rob anyway!!!!???

The video’s not much, but I’ve taken a FLAC source of the track and adjusted it slightly for the best sound….I hope you enjoy it….thanks for watching!

Recommended volume level: 11

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

With you up there on the screen
I’d be your future boy
My big eyed bird in the movies
I’d be your future boy
‘Cause if that is what you need
A cinematic boy like me
Who’ll come along and set you free
Don’t fear superboy is here
And it feels good to me

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah

As the wisdom runs
A boy should know his limitations
But I’ve talked myself through less
Can I be your future pest
‘Cause if that is what you need
A sycophantic boy like me
Who’ll tell you things
You really don’t need
Oh joy I’m your boy
And it feels good to me
Don’t fear superboy is here
And it feels good to me

“Now we are tall, and Christmas trees are small…”

First Of May – Bee Gees (1969) FLAC Remaster HD Video

A Merry Christmas to all us music fans everywhere; God bless us, every one!” ;-)

“First Of May” was released on the Bee Gees’ sixth studio album, Odessa, in March 1969.

This wasn’t the Christmas video I was working to finish for this year, but when I realized that that one wouldn’t make it on time, I decided to jump in and give “First Of May” a quick workup.

“First Of May” is a beautiful track from on of my favorite albums of the 60’s. I’m also a huge fan of The Brothers Gibb and although I’ve started a few vids for some of their songs, this is the first one I’ve finished. Just a word to those who may not realize the amazing talent The Bee Gees possessed….they were true masters at writing, production….and yeah, they could even sing passably well ;-)…..if you haven’t really listened to the Bee Gees without disco prejudice! LOL! you are seriously missing out….they were way more than Saturday Night Fever (I’m proud to say I love all their work, from their stuff in the 60’s until their very last album. Wow….seems like not that long ago I was spinning Here At Last…and only yesterday that I was picking up One Night Only on DVD! Peace to them all….thanks guys for the great music and times…..we love ya still Barry! :-)

Odessa was the group’s fourth album released internationally, and their only studio double LP. Odessa would be the final album for the band’s original incarnation, and this was the last album to feature guitarist Vince Melouney. Robin Gibb would leave the band over personal and artistic differences with brother Barry Gibb. Odessa is noted in Robert Dimery’s book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. The album contains “First of May”, “Lamplight”, “Marley Purt Drive” and “Melody Fair”.

Odessa was intended as a concept album in the vein of other albums by British bands at the time such as the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Pretty Things’ SF Sorrow and The Moody Blues’ Days of Future Passed.

When I was small, and Christmas trees were tall,
We used to love while others used to play.
Don’t ask me why, but time has passed us by,
Some one else moved in from far away.

Now we are tall, and Christmas trees are small,
And you don’t ask the time of day.
But you and I, our love will never die,
But guess we’ll cry come first of May.

The apple tree that grew for you and me,
I watched the apples falling one by one.
And I recall the moment of them all,
The day I kissed your cheek and you were mine.


When I was small, and Christmas trees were tall,
Do do do do do do do do do,
Don’t ask me why, but time has passed us by,
Some one else moved in from far away.

Bob Dylan’s Dream – Peter Paul and Mary (1967) FLAC Remaster HD Video

Bob Dylan’s Dream” was recorded by Peter, Paul and Mary for their seventh studio release, Album 1700, which was released in March of 1967.

This record was one of the first albums I remember listening to at a very young age. It’s another of the records I came to through the album collection of my older cousins….and it is absolutely included in the first few albums which started me down the path to a lifelong love of rock and roll music. Happy to do something for this tune, probably my very favorite from the album…might work up something for a couple of other favorite tracks eventually….lots of great work by Peter, Paul and Mary!

Album 1700 produced the band’s most successful and final hit — “Leaving on a Jet Plane” (a John Denver composition). The album peaked at #15 on Billboard Magazine’s Top LP chart and was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Folk Performance category. Album 1700 was so named because its original LP issue was Warner Bros. Records catalog# W-1700 for the mono version and WS-1700 for the stereo version. The album stayed on the charts and rose again in 1969, thanks to the single release of “Leaving on a Jet Plane”

As usual HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art contributed to this new art…..THANK YOU!!! and also of course THANK YOU for watching…hope you enjoy the vid!

While riding on a train goin’ west
I fell asleep for to take my rest
I dreamed a dream that made me sad
Concerning myself and the first few friends I had

With half-damp eyes I stared to the room
Where my friends and I spent many an afternoon
Where we together weathered many a storm
Laughin’ and singin’ till the early hours of the morn

By the old wooden stove where our hats was hung
Our words were told, our songs were sung
Where we longed for nothin’ and were quite satisfied
Talkin’ and a-jokin’ about the world outside

With haunted hearts through the heat and cold
We never thought we could ever get old
We thought we could sit forever in fun
But our chances really was a million to one

As easy it was to tell black from white
It was all that easy to tell wrong from right
And our choices were few and the thought never hit
That the one road we traveled would ever shatter and split

How many a year has passed and gone
And many a gamble has been lost and won
And many a road taken by many a friend
And each one I’ve never seen again

I wish, I wish, I wish in vain
That we could sit simply in that room again
Ten thousand dollars at the drop of a hat
I’d give it all gladly if our lives could be like that


In The First Place – George Harrison (1968) FLAC Remaster HD Video

In The First Place – George Harrison (1968) FLAC Remaster HD Video

“In The First Place” was originally recorded during the sessions for the album Wonderwall Music, the soundtrack to a film that Geroge Recorded….it was the first solo record by George Harrison and also the first solo record of any of The Beatles.

I was never a huge fan of this album, but I’ve been listening to it quite a bit lately, and this video for “In The First Place” actually came about from a suggestion by a fan commenting on one of my other George Harrison videos. “In The First Place” was recorded by George and The Remo Four during the Wonderwall Music sessions being recorded for the film of the same name, but apparently George didn’t submit it for inclusion to the soundtrack because he believed the director only wanted instrumental works….AS IF someone would NOT want George Harrison singing a new composition (even if it wasn’t his own)?! ;-)

The remastering work presented on George’s early albums, as presented in The Apple Box (for which his son Dhani had lead role), was simply wonderful, but I’d spent most of my time with the better known albums and just kinda skimmed through Wonderwall Music. Then this person mentioned that I should do a video for “In The First Place”…of course I became curious as I didn’t remember the song from the original album and hadn’t really even paid much attention to it (as a bonus track for Wonderwall Music, I guess I expected more instrumental)…..but when I listened to it the first time after that suggestion….wow… was love at first listen! LOL! Seriously, this song, though written by The Remo Four features George vocal and production….and it’s just a brilliant bit of psychedelia, like a lost Harrison track from Sgt. Pepper or Magical Mystery Tour. I seriously love this track….HUGE thanks to that fan who gave me a clue (I’ll go back and find that comment and thank them proper….cause without that suggestion I doubt I’d ever hear this gem). Hope you find it as wonderwall as I do! ;-)

***There is quite a story behind this song and here’s the link to it:

I have to say that Wonderwall Music has gone from about a 1 star album for me previously to about a 3.5…I guess I’m just more mature now and can appreciate this type music more than when I was 21…’s got a lot of great things going on in it’s grooves too bad it took me so long to appreciate it more….and as with all the other titles in The Apple Years box it sounds superb now.

Wonderwall Music is the soundtrack album to the 1968 film Wonderwall It was the first album to be issued on the Beatles’ Apple record label. The songs are all instrumental pieces, except for occasional non-English vocals, and a slowed-down spoken word segment on the track “Dream Scene”. Harrison recorded the album between November 1967 and February 1968, with sessions taking place in London and the Indian city of Bombay. Following his Indian-styled compositions for the Beatles since 1966, he used the film soundtrack to further promote Indian classical music by introducing rock audiences to musical instruments that were relatively little-known in the West – including shehnai, sarod and santoor.

The album cover consists of a painting by American artist Bob Gill in which, as in director Joe Massot’s film, two contrasting worlds are separated by a wall, with only a small gap allowing visual access between them. Harrison omitted his name from the list of performing musicians, leading to an assumption that he had merely produced and arranged the music; the 2014 reissue of Wonderwall Music recognises his contributions on keyboards and guitar. The album was first remastered for CD release in 1992, for which former Apple executive Derek Taylor supplied a liner-note essay.

While viewed as something of a curiosity by rock music critics, Wonderwall Music is recognised for its inventiveness in fusing Western and Eastern sounds, and as being a precursor to the 1980s world music trend. The album’s title inspired that of Oasis’ 1995 hit song “Wonderwall”, and its music influenced the sound of Oasis’ fellow Britpop band Kula Shaker. Harrison’s full soundtrack for the film was made available on DVD in early 2014, as part of the two-disc Wonderwall Collector’s Edition. In September that year, the album was reissued in remastered form as part of the Apple Years 1968–75 Harrison box set, with the addition of three bonus tracks.

Day begins to crumble, Can’t believe my eyes,
Falling down and down and down, It comes as no surprise,

I begin to stumble, Losing my control,
Feeling like a blind man who is searching for his soul,

Never be the same,
Never be the same again,
Will it ever be the same again,
As it was in the first place,

Never be the same,
Never be the same again,
Will it ever be the same again,
As it was in the first place,

I’ve been feeling humble, Since you went away,
Now I feel there’s nothing left that’s right for me to say,

“I see the chimneys smoking above the golden fields … know what the robin feels in his summer jamboree.”

Home – Jethro Tull (1979) FLAC Remaster HD Video

“Home” was released on Jethro Tull’s twelfth album, Stormwatch in September 1979.

Stormwatch is considered the last in the trilogy of folk-rock albums, although folk music influenced virtually every Tull album. Among other subject-matter, the album touches heavily on the problems relating to the environment, oil and money.

Stormwatch would be the last Tull album to feature the classic line-up of the 1970s. Bassist John Glascock, suffering at this point from the effects of a cardiac infection that eventually led to his death, is only featured on three tracks (“Flying Dutchman”, “Orion”, and “Elegy”). Ian Anderson played bass elsewhere on the album while Dave Pegg played on the subsequent tour.

After “Heavy Horses” this album was quite a letdown….to me it lacks cohesiveness and some songs that, as a huge Tull fan, were strangely unappealing to me.

“Home” is one of my favorites from the album, and even though it’s slight, it’s my favorite track on side one (which also contained the album’s two biggest disappointments, the epic track “Dark Ages” and “Warm Sporran” (c’mon Ian…this is how you end the record’s first side?!). (The epics were usually my favorite tracks on Tull albums, but this “Dark Ages” always seemed so busy and had a “thrown together” feel that I’d never experienced with previous long tracks, and where with most of Ian’s epic’s the ending somehow still came too soon…for this one it couldn’t have been soon enough).

Side Two of course contains three really great songs; “Old Ghosts”, “Dun Ringill” (considered by many fans the best on the album…certainly by me) and “Flying Dutchman” (I like the album’s second epic way more than the first! :-)…and the final track “Elegy” is a really beautiful instrumental (that I was tempted to tack on to this video (as the songs always seemed to compliment one another), but decided to give it a separate video later.

This video uses a video clip originally obtained for another Tull track I’ve been working on (“Fire At Midnight” ..the dog by the fire) and hopefully I’ll be able to finish getting that one worked up soon.

I’m not entirely happy with the result of this video, mainly because of the seasonal inconsistency and because the leaf transitions make it look like a commercial…but once again, it’s gloriously free and free means compromise :-)…plus I hadn’t been in a video mood lately and needed to crank something out! ;-) x 2! But, even though it’s not really the video I envisioned…..I hope you like it anyway!

As usual HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art made this new art possible…THANK YOU!!

As the dawn sun breaks over sleepy gardens
I’ll be here to do all things to comfort you.
And though I’ve been away
left you alone this way
why don’t you come awake
and let your first smile take me home.
The shadows in the park were longer yesterday
and Lady Luck stood still, waiting for the kill.
And on a jumbo ride
over seas grey, deep and wide
I flew for heaven’s sake
and let the angels take me home.
Down steep and narrow lanes I see the chimneys smoking
above the golden fields … know what the robin feels
in his summer jamboree.
All elements agree
in sweet and stormy blend —
midwife to winds that send me home.

By MetalGuruMessiah

Your writing is so very strange I guess it always was that way

Letter From Spain – Electric Light Orchestra (1983) FLAC Remaster 1080p Video

“Letter From Spain” was released on Electric Light Orchestra’s 10th studio album, Secret Messages, which was released in June of 1983. This was the last ELO album with bass guitarist Kelly Groucutt, conductor Louis Clark, and real stringed instruments, and the last ELO album to be released on Jet Records. It was also the final ELO studio album to become a worldwide top 40 hit upon release.

As a longtime and major ELO fan, I had very high hopes for Secret Messages, mainly since I thought the album they released previously (1981’s Time) was one of the greatest records they ever produced. The record, though it is still a very good one, somehow seemed to lack the cohesiveness that I found with every single previous ELO album….but I didn’t listen to the album as much because it strangely didn’t seem like an album….of course years later we found out that Jeff planned on it being a double album, but the record company balked and he had to scrap his vision….and I realized possibly why it always had that effect.

“Letter From Spain” was the very first video I ever made, partly because I loved the song so much and partly (mostly! LOL!) because it was an easy to make….really I just thought about an image of a letter in and out over that very cool (and frequent!) background “letter” throughout the song. I’ve started getting serious about reworking many of my older videos (because I can’t watch most of them anymore and because it’s been fun to go back and see how I can improve them based on a few years experience making these videos. I resist completely new videos and try to incorporate as much of the original as possible…if I used lower resolution images I try and find higher ones, or work them to remove any nasty blocking or artifacts. These songs deserved way better videos than I was able to give them years ago….it feels great to dust them off and present them in manner more respectful of their art. So here it is….my update of my first video (wow!…from five January’s ago!); for the achingly beautiful “Letter From Spain”…including new art, more beautiful girls, and featuring a remastered FLAC audio source! (For anyone interested in the old one: ) Thanks all for watching!

The record was originally planned to be a double album, but was thwarted by Jet’s distributor, CBS Records, claiming that producing a double vinyl album would be too expensive, and as a result, leader Jeff Lynne had to reduce it to a single album. This version of the album was digitally recorded and was to have been ELO’s first compact disc. Six of the songs from the intended double album appeared as B-sides and reappeared on the Afterglow box set in 1990, including a string-laden eight-minute long tribute to the band’s home town (Birmingham) entitled “Hello My Old Friend”. Some of the tracks reappeared on the 2001 re-issue of the album. “Endless Lies”, which had been altered for its inclusion on the subsequently-released Balance of Power album, appears in its original 1983 form on the 2001 remaster of this album.

Secret Messages, as its title suggests, was littered with hidden messages in the form of backmasking, some obvious and others less so. This was Jeff Lynne’s second tongue-in-cheek response to allegations of hidden Satanic messages in earlier Electric Light Orchestra LPs by Christian fundamentalists which led up to early 1980s American congressional hearings (a similar response had been made by Lynne on the Face the Music album, during the intro to the “Fire on High” track). In Britain, the back cover of Secret Messages has a mock warning about the hidden messages. Word of the album’s impending release in the United States caused enough of a furor to cause CBS Records to delete the cover blurb there.

Louis Clark returned to conduct the strings once more and the violinist Mik Kaminski appeared on an ELO recording for the first time since Out of the Blue in 1977, playing a violin solo on the track “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King”. On completion of this album, Lynne dismissed bass guitarist Groucutt, who later sued for alleged lost royalties and received a settlement out of court.

Three singles were released from the album in the UK: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King”, the title track and “Four Little Diamonds”. In the US, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King”, “Four Little Diamonds” and “Stranger” were issued. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King” was the band’s last UK Top 20 hit. The song “Letter from Spain” was used as backing music in commercials for the Games of the XXV Olympiad, held in 1992 in Barcelona.

I read the papers this morning
I saw your photograph
You look good in the movie
It must be so much fun
Letter from Spain
From someone I once knew

I got a letter this morning
Postmark said it was from Spain
Your writing is so very strange
I guess it always was that way
Letter from Spain
From someone I once knew

Thumb2 Thumb4 Thumb8 Thumb9 Thumb11

Don’t Change – INXS (1982) FLAC Remaster HD Video

Don’t Change – INXS (1982) FLAC Remaster HD Video

“Don’t Change” was released on INXS’s third studio album, Shabooh Shoobah in October 1982. Not much to say about this one, it’s my favorite track from an album that I played to death back when it was released….it’s still my favorite INXS album.

I’m pushing this one out right on top of my last video upload (for the band’s “Never Tear Us Apart” …this was the older INXS track I mentioned being sidetracked from) mainly because one of my great friends was unable to view that one in his country…and that’s not right!!! ;-)……this one’s for you Wolvi! Epileptic or seizure warnings are probably in order…the video is like an explosion in a paint factory!….didn’t quite get the thing looking how I wanted (some of the transitions are a tad fast….but it’s close enough for free! ;-) Hope you enjoy….thanks for watching!

“Don’t Change” barely cracked the top 30 in the US….criminal that it wasn’t at least Top 10 cause it’s a really great tune!

It peaked at No. 5 on the ARIA Albums Chart and remained on the chart for 94 weeks. It was the band’s first album to be released worldwide and appeared on the United States Billboard 200 and on the Hot Pop Albums Chart. The album spawned four singles, “The One Thing” (July 1982), “Don’t Change” (October), “To Look at You” (March 1983) and “Black and White” (June). It was produced by Mark Opitz for WEA Australia with most tracks written by band members, Andrew Farriss and Michael Hutchence.

The song “Don’t Change” became a popular cover. It has been covered by The Audreys, The Bravery, Everclear, Face to Face, Goo Goo Dolls, Grinspoon, AFI and also most recently by Lazlo Bane. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band covered this song during their 2014 world tour. “Don’t Change” plays during the credits of the movie Adventureland and is featured in its soundtrack. “The One Thing” is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories under the fictional radio station Flash FM.

The name “Shabooh Shoobah” is an onomatopoeia of a rhythm in an INXS song “Spy of Love”, hummed by Michael Hutchence in the recording studio.

I’m standing here on the ground
The sky above won’t fall down
See no evil in all direction
Resolution of happiness
Things have been dark
For too long
Don’t change for you
Don’t change a thing for me
I found a love I had lost
It was gone for too long
Hear no evil in all directions
Execution of bitterness
Message received loud and clear
Don’t change for you
Don’t change a thing for me
I’m standing here on the ground
The sky above won’t fall down
See no evil in all directions
Resolution of happiness
Things have been dark for too long
Don’t change for you
Don’t change a thing for me

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