Way down below the ocean!

Atlantis – Donovan (1969) Audio Fidelity SACD FLAC 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Atlantis” was released in the summer of 1969 on Donovan’s seventh studio, Barabajagal. I’ve had various requests for a video to this track through the past few years (thanks Jeannie E. Hess ;-), and I was happy to finally get around to working up something for it. *Sorry to see that the video is currently blocked in 230 countries. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I extracted a high bit FLAC from Audio Fidelity’s Storyteller SACD for this video….hands down the best sounding version of “Atlantis” you’ll ever hear.

This is my second video for a Donovan classic, behind “Season Of The Witch” ….time to start thinking about “Hurdy Gurdy Man”! I hope you enjoy seeing “Atlantis” as never before….. and thanks for watching!

For me at least, any discussion of Donovan’s Atlantis after 1990 would be incomplete without a mention of Goodfellas. I remember first seeing Martin Scorcese’s masterpiece back when it was released in the theaters and thinking then how brilliant and perfect his choice to use the track in the Suite Lounge scenes with Billy Batts…brutal, stupid hoods beating, kicking and stabbing another hood to death while the delicate sounds of Donovan’s ode to the lost beautiful, peaceful, artistic and intellectual city of Atlantis drifted from the jukebox through the bar.

While the majority of the Barabajagal sessions took place in November 1968, “Happiness Runs” and “Where Is She” were recorded the previous May. All of these songs except “Atlantis”, “I Love My Shirt” and “To Susan on the West Coast Waiting” were shelved while Donovan’s Greatest Hits was still high in the charts. “Atlantis” / “I Love My Shirt” was released as a single in November 1968 in the UK. In the US, “To Susan on the West Coast Waiting” / “Atlantis” was eventually released in March 1969. “Atlantis” ended up charting higher than its a-side. Some of the songs recorded were originally meant to be included on the unreleased Moon In Capricorn album.

In May 1969, Mickie Most produced at least one session with Donovan fronting the Jeff Beck Group. “Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)” and “Trudi” resulted from these sessions. There were other songs recorded by Donovan and the Jeff Beck Group, but they remained unreleased until they appeared as bonus tracks on the 2005 UK reissue of the album. Rod Stewart was in the band at this time, but he does not sing lead on any of the songs that were released.

The songs on this album represent all facets of Donovan’s career. Several rockers adorn the album, including the title track, “Trudi”, “The Love Song” and “Superlungs (My Supergirl)”. “I Love My Shirt” updates the sound of Donovan’s children’s music, and there are several slow songs featuring breathy vocals (“Where Is She?”, “To Susan on the West Coast Waiting”) reminiscent of the For Little Ones portion of A Gift from a Flower to a Garden. It is during the Barabajagal sessions that Donovan’s musical vision and work ethic began to diverge from that of producer Mickie Most. The two eventually stopped working together, effectively ending Donovan’s chart success.

The continent of Atlantis was an island
Which lay before the great flood
In the area we now call the Atlantic Ocean.
So great an area of land,
That from her western shores
Those beautiful sailors journeyed
To the South and the North Americas with ease,
In their ships with painted sails.
To the East Africa was a neighbour,
Across a short strait of sea miles.
The great Egyptian age is

But a remnant of The Atlantian culture.
The antediluvian kings colonised the world
All the Gods who play in the mythological dramas
In all legends from all lands were from far Atlantis.

Knowing her fate,
Atlantis sent out ships to all corners of the Earth.
On board were the Twelve:

The poet, the physician, The farmer, the scientist,
The magician and the other so-called Gods of our legends.
Though Gods they were –
And as the elders of our time choose to remain blind
Let us rejoice
And let us sing
And dance and ring in the new Hail Atlantis!

Way down below the ocean where I wanna be she may be,
Way down below the ocean where I wanna be she may be,
Way down below the ocean where I wanna be she may be.
Way down below the ocean where I wanna be she may be,
Way down below the ocean where I wanna be she may be.
My antediluvian baby, oh yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah,
I wanna see you some day
My antediluvian baby, oh yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah,
My antediluvian baby,
My antediluvian baby, I love you, girl,
Girl, I wanna see you some day.
My antediluvian baby, oh yeah
I wanna see you some day, oh My antediluvian baby.
My antediluvian baby, I wanna see you
My antediluvian baby, gotta tell me where she gone
I wanna see you some day Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up,
oh yeah Oh club club, down down, yeah
My antediluvian baby, oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

Our love, surely can we mend it…It’s just a little misunderstanding…That’s all it is

Just A Little Misunderstanding – The Contours (1966) FLAC Audio 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

Experimenting with some styles to start pushing out high quality audio videos of some of my favorite soul tracks. I love Stax, Mowtown, and Philly as much as rock n roll and since I’ve really only done one track way back (a concept vid for Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes “I Miss You”) I really hope to start representing with this style more and more.

“Just A Little Misunderstanding” was released in 1966 on The Contours album for Gordy Records. I’ve always loved the track, hope you do too!

How amazing is it that Stevie Wonder is credited as one of the writers of this song? What was he, 11 or 12?! Wow!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
It’s a cold man to hurt his woman
And watch her walk away crying
When all along, he knows he’s wrong
Being so hard on a woman who’s trying
I was so unkind to hurt you so
Going out of my mind
I just gotta let you know that
Baby, I just can’t let you go
I realize I hurt you so
Our love, surely can we mend it
It’s just a little misunderstanding
I remember you said
You would always care
Until death should we do part
Baby, surely must be our destiny
To die the death of a broken heart
So before I go, a wandering rover
Let’s get together
Talk this thing over now
Baby, I just can’t let you go
I realize I hurt you so
Our love, surely can we mend it
It’s just a little misunderstanding
That’s all it is
If our love is so wrong?
It just seems wrong
That our love could never be
You could be anywhere
Baby, I wouldn’t care
If I thought that you’re leaving me
All the chains in the world
(Couldn’t hold me, couldn’t hold me)
Like the? our your love
(Controls me, controls me)
Baby, I just can’t let you go
I realize I hurt you so
Our love, surely can we mend it
It’s just a little misunderstanding
That’s all it is
Baby, I just can’t let you go (oh, yeah)
I realize I hurt you so (ooh, yeah)
Our love, surely can we mend it
(Surely we can we mend it)
It’s just a little misunderstanding
Baby (baby)
I just can’t let you go

“Turn, turn to the rain and the wind”

Percy’s Song – Fairport Convention (1969) FLAC Remaster 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Percy’s Song” was released in the summer of 1969 on Fairport Convention’s third studio, Unhalfbricking. I love this obscure Dylan track and it was one of the first videos I ever tried to make, using Dylan’s version of course it never saw the light of day…and to this day Dylan’s original songs are strictly off-limits. Decided to give this Fairport Convention’s beautiful rendition of it a video.

Bad news, bad news came to me where I sleep
Turn, turn, turn again
Sayin’ one of your friends is in trouble deep
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind

Tell me the trouble, tell me once to my ear
Turn, turn, turn again
Joliet prison and ninety-nine years
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind

Oh what’s the charge of how this came to be?
Turn, turn, turn again
Manslaughter in the highest of degrees
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind

I sat down and wrote the best words I could write
Turn, turn, turn again
Explaining to the judge I’d be there on Wednesday night
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind

Without a reply I left by the moon
Turn, turn, turn again
And was in his chambers by the next afternoon
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind

Could you tell me the facts, I said without fear
Turn, turn, turn again
That a friend of mine would get ninety-nine years
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind

A crash on the highway flew the car to a field
Turn, turn, turn again
There was four persons killed and he was at the wheel
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind

But I know him as good as I’m knowin’ myself
Turn, turn, turn again
And he wouldn’t harm a life that belonged to someone else
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind

The judge he spoke out of the side of his mouth
Turn, turn, turn again
Sayin’,”The witness who saw he left no doubt”
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind

That may be true, he’s got a sentence to serve
Turn, turn, turn again
But ninety-nine years, he just don’t deserve
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind

Too late, too late for his case it is sealed
Turn, turn, turn again
His sentenced is passed and it cannot be repealed
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind

But he ain’t no criminal and his crime it is none
Turn, turn, turn again
What happened to him could happen to anyone
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind

And at that the judge jerked forward and his face it did freeze
Turn, turn, turn again
Sayin’,”Could you kindly leave my office now, please”
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind

The room was funny and I stood up so slow
Turn, turn, turn again
With no other choice except for to go
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind

I walked down the hallway and I heard his door slam
Turn, turn, turn again
I walked down the courthouse stairs and I did not understand
Turn, turn to the rain and the wind

And I played my guitar through the night to the day
Turn, turn, turn again
And the only tune my guitar could play
Was, “Oh the cruel rain and the wind”


3 favorite songs from Eric Clapton’s Backless album from November 1978.

Promises – Eric Clapton (1978) 24/192 FLAC Remaster 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

Watch Out For Lucy – Eric Clapton (1978) 24/192 FLAC Remaster 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

Golden Ring – Eric Clapton (1978) 24/192 FLAC Remaster 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Promises” was released on Eric Clapton’s sixth studio album Backless, in November 1978. ย This is possibly my favorite song Clapton has recorded.

Not too long back I did a few equalizer vids for tracks from Eric’s No Reason To Cry album, and I mentioned Backless as my favorite EC album….always has been always will be! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve always wanted to do concept vids for a couple of tracks, and may yet….till then decided to work up a couple/three equalizer style vids for a few of my favorite tracks in 192/24 FLAC audio. I hope you enjoy these beautiful songs as much as I still do. Thanks for watching!

Produced by Glyn Johns, and released by Polydor Records, Backless reached No. 8 on the pop charts. While the single “Promises” only reached No. 37 in the UK, it was a much bigger success in the US, reaching No. 9 on the Billboard charts.

The follow-up single, “Watch Out for Lucy”, was the B-side of “Promises”, but reached #40 on the Billboard charts on its own merit.

A blue and white scarf worn by Clapton on the album sleeve is believed to be a scarf of West Bromwich Albion Football Club. Clapton is widely believed to be a supporter of the club, despite being born in Ripley, Surrey more than 100 miles away. In recent years he has reportedly been more interested in Chelsea F.C.

I don’t care if you never come home,
I don’t mind if you just keep on
Rowing away on a distant sea,
‘Cause I don’t love you and you don’t love me.

You cause a commotion when you come to town;
You give ’em a smile and they melt.
Having lovers and friends is all good and fine,
But I don’t like yours and you don’t like mine.

La la, la la la la la.
La la, la la la la la.

I don’t care what you do at night,
Oh, and I don’t care how you get your delights.
I’m gonna leave you alone, I’ll just let it be,
I don’t love you and you don’t love me.

I got a problem. Can you relate?
I got a woman calling love hate.
We made a vow we’d always be friends.
How could we know that promises end?


I tried to love you for years upon years,
You refuse to take me for real.
It’s time you saw what I want you to see,
And I’d still love you if you’d just love me.


[Bridge 2x]

“Watch Out For Lucy” was released on Eric Clapton’s sixth studio album Backless, in November 1978.


Now my friend Bill was just a working lad
And he liked to have his fun.
He’d like to find a girl and get comfortable
When his working day was done.

He would spend all his money on a Friday night,
Wake up in the morning broke,
But he had a run in with little Lucy then;
Believe me that ain’t no joke.

Watch out for Lucy,
Though she may look frail.
Say excuse me, Lucy,
Darling don’t you use me;
I don’t want to land in jail.

She started out working in a cafe,
Picking money up on the side.
She was free and easy, everybody’s friend,
But she couldn’t be satisfied.

So now in walks Bill with his cash in his hand,
His heart upon his sleeve.
We tried to warn him about her ways,
We never did succeed.


Well, the trap was sprung for poor old Bill;
You should have heard little Lucy sing
“I want a Cadillac car, a beautiful home,
And a thousand dollar ring.”

They found our hero in the gutter
With a diamond ring and a gun.
He’d done it for the love of Lucy
And ended up on the run.

[Chorus 2x]

“Golden Ring” was released on Eric Clapton’s sixth studio album Backless, in November 1978.

Produced by Glyn Johns, and released by Polydor Records, Backless reached No. 8 on the pop charts. While the single “Promises” only reached No. 37 in the UK, it was a much bigger success in the US, reaching No. 9 on the Billboard charts.

The follow-up single, “Watch Out for Lucy”, was the B-side of “Promises”, but reached #40 on the Billboard charts on its own merit.

He gave to you a golden ring
It made you happy, it made you sing
And I played for you on my guitar
It did not last long, we did not go far

[Verse 1]
And though the times have changed
We are rearranged
Will the ties that bind remain the same?

You came around after a while
Everyone said that I made you smile
It all went well, and suddenly then
You heard that he would marry again


[Verse 2]
Well I know that I have been here before
I have trod on your wings, I have opened the door
If I gave to you a golden ring
Would I make you happy, would I make you sing?


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On The Way – Paul McCartney (1980)

On The Way – Paul McCartney (1980) FLAC Remaster 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“On The Way” was released on the Paul McCartney II album in the spring of 1980. I wasn’t a huge fan of this record when it was released…based on the single (“Coming Up”) that was released just prior to the album my expectations were very high and there was simply too many (even for Macca) slight & fluffy filler tracks to give the album much cohesiveness. This album has become quite a cult favorite and has many fans, I’ll admit that time seems to have been very kind to this record, I like it more now than I did then…maybe it just caught up to it? In 2003, Mojo placed the album at number 26 on their list of the “Top 50 Eccentric Albums”. In 2011, NME included the album on their list of “101 Albums to Hear Before You Die,” whose list entries were selected by different musicians; McCartney II was picked by Austin Williams of Swim Deep.

I’d not given much thought about doing this tune, and this video was really kind of an accident as an experiment for another song led me to drop in “On The Way” audio as a replacement. The frequency reactions I’d created for the other tune were left intact, and I really should have made adjustments to this songs frequencies so that the response would have produced a better result with the reaction….but it’s not too far off and works alright I think…for what it is?

FROM WIKI: After the releases of what turned out to be Wings’ final album, Back to the Egg, McCartney went north to his farm in Scotland to begin some private recordings in July 1979. The first song he recorded was “Check My Machine” as a way to test the equipment, hence its title. By sessions’ end, he had recorded over 20 songs. With no immediate use for the recordings, he put them aside for the time being and returned to work with Wings in order to prepare for a UK tour that November and December. Simultaneously with the performances (which included the new “Coming Up”), Paul McCartney released his first solo single since 1971, the festive Top 10 UK hit “Wonderful Christmastime” b/w “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reggae”. The A-side was recorded during the McCartney II sessions, while its flip side had been cut in 1975. However, upcoming events were about to change McCartney’s plans with Wings.

After years of visa refusals due to his past marijuana busts, Japan had finally allowed McCartney, and thus Wings, to perform. It would be McCartney’s first time playing there since 1966 with The Beatles, and anticipation was running high with Wings’ tour completely sold out. However, upon his arrival in Tokyo on 16 January 1980, a search of McCartney’s luggage revealed a bag containing 219 grams of marijuana, prompting his immediate arrest and eventually cancelling the tour. After a nine-day jail stay, McCartney was released and returned home to his Scottish farm. Deciding to put Wings on hold while he contemplated his future, he now decided to issue his solo recordings from the previous summer.

McCartney II was released in mid-May to mixed reviews; many critics found the album, with its experimental, synth-based compositions and its handful of instrumentals, slight. That did not stop it from reaching #1 in the UK and #3 in the US. The next single, the introspective “Waterfalls”, was a UK Top 10 hit, but failed to make an impact in the US. Despite its less-than-rapturous critical reaction, McCartney II has continued to remain a favourite of McCartney devotees.

The initial issue of this album on compact disc featured “Check My Machine” and “Secret Friend” as bonus tracks. The two songs were originally released as the B-sides of “Waterfalls” and “Temporary Secretary”, respectively. In 1993, McCartney II was remastered and reissued on CD as part of “The Paul McCartney Collection” series with Wings’ 1979 hit “Goodnight Tonight” added as a third bonus track.

When the new remastered version was released in 13 June 2011 as part of the Paul McCartney Archive Collection, the album re-entered the UK charts at number 108. END WIKI.

[Verse 1]
Well, you know I’ll always love you
But it would have been a lie
If I said that I could please you
Every moment that I try

Wouldn’t want to see you crying
So l hope you don’t mind the things I say
On the way

[Verse 2]
Well, we’ve been traveling for a long time
And we finally finished here
Though I said some things to hurt you
Well, it was only out of fear


[Verse 3]
Well, you know I’ll always love you
Everything will be alright
If I know you don’t mind the things I say
On the way
L know you don’t mind the things I say
On the way
Well, you know I’ll always love you
Everything will be okay
If I know you don’t mind the things I say
On the way

My friends are lying in the sun, I wish I was there.

Summer ’68 – Pink Floyd (1970) MFSL / 24KT Gold Ultra II Remaster HD 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Summer ’68” was released on Pink Floyd’s fifth studio album, Atom Heart Mother, in the fall of 1970. Excited to see that some long blocked Floyd tunes are back! Standby for the resurrection of my long my blocked epic “Atom Heart Mother” video, soon as I can find time for a few minor updates and edits of the video and sound….the cows shall moo again shortly! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The video is Jan ล vankmajer’s The Death of Stalinism in Bohemia (1990)….a visionary filmmaker that I have several videos started that feature his work, this is the first one to get finished….not much editing on my part, it’s basically the short film set to the tune (although I did work some work on the film to make it look better in HD)…I could have edited it a bit more for a better sync, but you know?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stalin’s bust is opened on an operating table, and this leads into an animated sequence which depicts Czech history from 1948, when it was taken over by Communists, to 1989, when the Velvet Revolution took place. Background knowledge of the historical context is required for one to fully understand and appreciate the entirely visual film.

The website Mubi gives the film a rating of four stars. [1]
Janet Maslin of The New York Times describes the film as being a “wonderfully apt short”, and describes the plot of “rush[ing] a statue of Stalin through drastic surgery, cranks out clay workers on an assembly line only to grind them back into clay” is “droll, breakneck satire”.

This album to me is an absolute one of a kind masterpiece, I like it much more than the more critically acclaimed earlier Floyd records. It seems that, according to a wiki article on the record, that both Roger and David have not thought as highly of it both recently making statements to the effect that it wasn’t up to par with the best Floyd efforts. This is a unique record, even from a band that specialized in unique records! It has always had a very otherworldly vibe going. I’ve heard it argued that it now sounds dated, but listening to it even today it sounds brilliant. I think that “dated” sound was intact when it was released in 1970, it’s just always sounded like something recorded from another time.
Would you like to say something before you leave?
Perhaps you’d care to state exactly how you feel.
We say goodbye before we’ve said hello.
I hardly even like you.
I shouldn’t care at all.
We met just six hours ago.
The music was too loud.
From your bed I gained a day and lost a bloody year.
And I would like to know, how do you feel?
How do you feel?
Not a single word was said.
Delights still without fears.
Occasionally you showed a smile, but what was the need?
I felt the cold far too soon – the wind of ninetyfive.
My friends are lying in the sun, I wish I was there.
Tomorrow brings another town, another girl like you.
Have you time before you leave to greet another man
Just to let me know, how do you feel?
How do you feel?
Goodbye to you.
Charlotte Kringles too.
I’ve had enough for one day.

“Confrontation” from Michael Mann’s Thief (1981)

Confrontation – Craig Safan (1981) (Thief Soundtrack) FLAC Remaster 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Confrontation” was the written and performed by Craig Safan as the music to play of the the final violent scenes of Michael Mann’s
1981 film Thief, where Frank (James Caan) is blowing up, burning and destroying his past life. I’ve always loved this soundtrack especially this song, and “Beach Theme/Beach Scene” (I’ll probably do an equalizer effect vid for a combination of the tracks soon).

Tangerine Dream did some other soundtracks that I really like including Scorcer, Miracle Mile, Near Dark, Firestarter, Risky Business, Legend, and The Keep. A very influential band.

Thief (1981) is the second soundtrack album by the German band Tangerine Dream and their fifteenth album overall. It is the soundtrack for the film Thief, directed by Michael Mann. It reached No. 43 on the UK Albums Chart in a 3-week run.

“Beach Theme” and “Beach Scene” are two different mixes of the same piece. The album version of “Dr. Destructo” is quite different from the film version. An extended version of “Dr. Destructo” was available only on a promo single. “Igneous” is a remix of “Thru Metamorphic Rocks” from the 1979 album Force Majeure. Neither “Beach Theme” nor “Trap Feeling” appear in the film.

After Tangerine Dream completed the soundtrack, Mann needed another sequence. As Tangerine Dream was on tour, Craig Safan composed and performed “Confrontation”. The original 1981 Elektra LP released in the U.S. featured “Confrontation”, but subsequent releases featured “Beach Scene” instead.

During the 1980s, Toronto television station CITY-TV used “Scrap Yard” as their background music when inserting technical difficulties slide cards.

The soundtrack was also nominated for Worst Musical Score at the 2nd Golden Raspberry Awards.

There are currently two versions of the soundtrack available with different track listings and album covers. Version A has “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” above the title followed by “James Caan” just below. “Composed and Performed by Tangerine Dream” appears at the bottom. Version B just has “Tangerine Dream” above the title.

In 2004, Wounded Bird Records re-released version B with “Confrontation”; there were however two mispressings, one with the version A track list, and one with “Igneous” removed instead of “Beach Scene” All had the listing for version B on the CD and cover.

In 2014, Perseverance Records released a re-mastered, 9 track version that included both Beach Scene and Confrontation, thus correcting the errors on previous releases where both tracks were never on the same disc.

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Booker T. & The MG’s. Medley (“Because” & “You Never Give Me Your Money”)

Medley – Booker T. & The MG’s. (1970) 24bit FLAC HD Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

Medley (“Because” & “You Never Give Me Your Money”) was the 3rd track (and the 2nd medley) on McLemore Avenue, the 9th studio album by Booker T. & the M.G.s, which was released in April of 1970. The record consisted entirely of mostly instrumental covers of songs from the Beatles’ album Abbey Road (released only months earlier, in September 1969). The title and cover are an homage to the Beatles album, 926 East McLemore Avenue being the address of the Stax Studios in Memphis, as Abbey Road was for EMI Studios in London.

Booker T. Jones said, “I was in California when I heard Abbey Road, and I thought it was incredibly courageous of The Beatles to drop their format and move out musically like they did. To push the limit like that and reinvent themselves when they had no need to do that. They were the top band in the world but they still reinvented themselves. The music was just incredible so I felt I needed to pay tribute to it.”

This record has always been really special to me. There are so few good reasons to listen to cover work of The Beatles, some great stuff scattered about but mostly pointless. This record has always astonished me with this band’s groovyfanfukncydelic interpretations….the songs just breath and there is so much amazing musicianship in every second of the record. This is the band we all wish we could have had. I really can’t pick a favorite musician from this band they are all stellar, but drummer Al Jackson, Jr and Booker T. Jones and his magical Hammond M3 Organ were insane brilliant, and guitarist Steve Cropper and bassist Donald “Duck” Dunn were merely among the greatest who ever played. Damn, they were really something.

If your a fan of rock n roll, The Beatles, Stax, soul, funk, soul or really music in general, McLemore Avenue is one that you really should give a listen to. It requires good headphones or a good home rig to get the full effect of the music, the bottom end, etc…plus it should be played LOUD if it’s gonna be played at all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks again to all my friends who stick around and encourage me to plug on! You guys RoCk! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope you enjoy my 3rd video from McLemore Avenue”! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Lady Starlight – Scorpions (1980)

Lady Starlight – Scorpions (1980) FLAC Remaster 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Lady Starlight” was released on the Scorpion’s seventh studio album, Animal Magnetism, in late winter 1980. This has always been one of my very favorite rock ballads and it was one of the first videos I made a video for…(#20) uploaded nearly 6 years ago! The song takes me to back to times, places and people that I loved way back when. Hope you enjoy the effort…thanks for watching!

Since I started out with some of my very favorite tunes when I started making the fan vids, consequently some of my favorite songs have very clunky videos….always happy to find the energy and time to get one updated! Made a couple of choices with this video that I may regret soon (I’d worked up higher resolution album art to use in the art concept that I used in my original “The Zoo” video, but I decided to plug it in here as well…it actually works better with “The Zoo”). Rudolf Schenker usually played rhythm guitar but occasionally he’d step up with a solo, this is a great example of what he was capable of. I wanted to feature a clip of him playing the guitar solo but couldn’t find anything…so we honor him with a pic instead!) of course, but you get the idea, until then…here we go. Presented with FLAC audio sourced from very rare Import Scorpion’s No.1’s compilation….which I still believe to be the best remaster ever released of this song (and others)….better even than the recent Animal Magnetism: 50th Band Anniversary Import which sounds pretty awesome (and has lots of extra tracks!).

I was a huge fan of both UFO and Scorpions, in part but certainly not totally, due to Micheal Schenker’s guitar work with both bands. The year before on their previous album (Lovedrive), it was both disappointing and exciting to hear Michael back with Scorpions….his work with UFO was just out of this world, but nevertheless Lovedrive was such an amazing guitar album, due in huge part to the work of the three lead guitarists (also Rudolph Schenker and Matthias Jabs), and I remember anticipating the Scorpions next album so we could hear more of Micheal’s tasty, blistering guitar work. Of course, it didn’t quite turn out that way, as Micheal didn’t return for Animal Magnetism. However, luckily both his brother Rudolph and Matthias Jabs remained on board and while it may not be quite the masterpiece of guitar rock that Lovedrive was, it’s still an amazing album.

Walking through a winter night
Counting the stars
And passing time
I dream about the summer days
Love in the Sun
And lonely bays

I see the stars, they’re miles and miles away
Like our love
On one of these lonely winter nights
Dreaming through a winter night
Memories of you are passing by
It seems to me like yesterday
I think you knew I couldn’t stay
I see the stars, they’re miles and miles away
Like our love
Lady starlight, help me to find my love
Lady starlight, help me tonight
Help me to find my love
Walking through a winter night
Counting the stars
And passing time
Snow dances with the wind
I wish I could be with you again
I see the stars, they’re miles and miles away
Like our love
Lady starlight, help me to find my love
Lady starlight, help me tonight
Help me to find my love
Lady starlight, help me tonight help me to find my love
Lady starlight, help me tonight help me to find my love

You Don’t Miss Your Water – The Byrds (1968)

You Don’t Miss Your Water – The Byrds (1968) FLAC Remaster Audio 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“You Don’t Miss Your Water” was released on The Byrds’ sixth studio album, Sweetheart of the Rodeo , in August 1968. The Byrds also recorded a version with Gram on lead, but I think Roger McGuinn really soared on this tune!

This album is not only my favorite by The Byrds, it’s one of my Top 25 All-Time. I’ve already done a full video for “Hickory Wind” and updated it twice! ๐Ÿ˜‰ but I wanted to do equalizer vids for a couple more of the tunes I like the most. Actually, it’s very hard to choose favorites, but I really love this tune. I think this FLAC version taken from the Deluxe Edition (also used for the last “Hickory Wind” video) has the greatest sound.

Recorded with the addition of country rock pioneer Gram Parsons, it was influential as the first major country rock album by an established act and represented a stylistic move away from the psychedelic rock of the band’s previous LP, The Notorious Byrd Brothers. The Byrds had occasionally experimented with country music on their four previous albums, but Sweetheart of the Rodeo represented their fullest immersion into the genre thus far. The album was also responsible for bringing Gram Parsons, who had joined the Byrds prior to the recording of the album, to the attention of a mainstream rock audience for the first time. Thus, the album can be seen as an important chapter in Parsons’ personal and musical crusade to make country music fashionable for a young audience.

The album was initially conceived as a musical history of 20th century American popular music, encompassing examples of country music, jazz and rhythm and blues, among other genres. However, steered by the passion of the little-known Parsons, who had only joined the Byrds in February 1968, this proposed concept was abandoned early on and the album instead became purely a country record. The recording of the album was divided between sessions in Nashville and Los Angeles, with contributions from several notable session musicians, including Lloyd Green, John Hartford, JayDee Maness and Clarence White. Tension developed between Parsons and the rest of the band, guitarist Roger McGuinn especially, with some of Parsons’ vocals being re-recorded, partly due to legal complications, and by the time the album was released in August, Parsons had left the band. The Byrds’ move away from rock and pop towards country music elicited a great deal of resistance and hostility from the ultra-conservative Nashville country music establishment who viewed the Byrds as a group of long-haired hippies attempting to subvert country music.

Upon its release, the album reached #77 on the Billboard Top LPs chart, but failed to reach the charts in the United Kingdom. Two attendant singles were released during 1968, “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”, which achieved modest success, and “I Am a Pilgrim”, which failed to chart. The album received mostly positive reviews in the music press, but the band’s shift away from psychedelic music alienated much of its pop audience. Despite being the most commercially unsuccessful Byrds’ album to date upon its initial release, Sweetheart of the Rodeo is today considered to be a seminal and highly influential country rock album.

In the beginning
You really loved me, oh
I was too blind
I could not see, now

But now that you left me
Ooh, how I cried out, I keep crying
You don’t miss your water
‘Till your well runs dry

I kept you crying
Sad and blue, oh my, oh
I was a playboy
I just wouldn’t be true

But now that you left me
Good lord, how I cried, I keep crying, I keep crying
Ooh, I didn’t miss my water
No I never missed my water
‘Till my well were run dry

I sit here and wonder
How in the world this could be, my, oh my
I never thought, oh, I never thought
You’d ever leave me

But now that you left me
Good lord, good lord, how I cried
You don’t miss your water, you don’t miss your water
‘Till your well runs dry

Ooh, you don’t miss your water, oh, you don’t miss your water
‘Till your well runs dry
I miss my water
I keep missing my water
I keep missing my water
And I want my water
I need my water
I love my water
And I want my water
And I’m little thirsty, now
And I’m little thirsty, now
I want my water
I keep wanting my water