R.I.P. Paul Martin Raymond (16 November 1945 – 13 April 2019) UFO keyboardist/guitarist. Thanks for all the memories, Paul!

Love To Love – U.F.O. from Lights Out album (1977)

Been picking on an update for this old video, but doubting the effort will be worth it because updating a very popular video means the new one isn’t ever really seen.  Anyway, posting it in all it’s faded glory (the video that is…the beauty of this song will never fade)….for a musician I’ve listened to for 45 long years.  Thank you for the joy your music brought so many, Paul. R.I.P.

The rock epic “Love To Love” was released on U.F.O.’s sixth studio album, Lights Out, in the spring of 1977.

This 7+ minute song was just one of the great things about U.F.O.’s classic and critically acclaimed Lights Out album. It’s just a seriously epic rock ballad, with some absolutely brilliant guitar work from Michael Schenker and Paul Raymond (rhythm).

I wanted to create videos for some of my favorite U.F.O. songs, and although I was already pretty far along with videos for two other U.F.O. tracks, I just couldn’t get “Love To Love” out of my mind…..so I halted the other two and began work on it.

I wanted to work a couple of clips of the band performing into the song. Actually, there is only about 3 very brief clips used over and over. A few more clips would have helped, there were obvious spots that called for them, but I never got around to plugging them in.

I’ve worked as hard, or maybe even harder, on this song as on any of my previous videos…..and it never really cooperated and worked the way i had hoped. I struggled to make it find any cohesiveness. I achieved some eventually, but this was surely one of the most difficult videos I’ve ever attempted.

If you don’t like it…….just close your eyes……and enjoy the tune…….cause that’s one thing that is perfect! LOL!

Love To Love – U.F.O. (1977)

Oh it’s been too many times and I can’t go back
Night bars, guitars, rundown motels like shacks
What it mounts up to I don’t want it at all
Lost you and I want you today
(1) Misty green and blue
Love to love to love you
Misty green and blue
Love to love to love you
To be something, to be near you
Don’t say that you’ll never know
Love to love to love you
Half the time it could seem funny
The other half is just too sad
This west bound moon’s only rise and fall
Lost you and I want you today
(1) Repeat
To be something, to be near you
I don’t know where I’m goin’ to
I’ve tried and I need you to stay
[INSTRUMENTAL] vinnie moore msg ufo band

Classic Michael Schenker from 1980!

Into The Arena – The Michael Schenker Group (1980) FLAC Remaster HD Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Into The Arena” was released in August 1980 on Michael Schenker’s first, album titled The Michael Schener Group, with his new band, The Michael Schenker Group. This was the standout track on the record for me, just a seriously wicked guitar attack with a band that knew how to play. I always wished it was a full song with lyrics at the beginning and the end…it would have made for a great epic middle break in a longer song!

It was disappointing news when Michael left The Scorpions in 1979 (made worse for me because he quit just before I saw them in San Antonio later that year!), but his first solo record was a great blast of guitar rock that summer (though not quite up to par with his best stuff with UFO or Scorps)….he remains one of the greatest guitars in rock history, that much is for certain.

I’ve been hoping to finish some of Scorpions/UFO things, decided to light up this tasty rocker from Michael’s first MSG album instead. I’ve taken the live video and edited it to the studio track, chopped out some stuff that didn’t look too good and reused other bits. As a result, this video moves a bit faster than the live performance did….though that was a great performance of the tune as well! A second edit might make it a bit better, but we’re going with the first edit….and only one render!!! (Tempted to upload the live performance version straight (with the effects lit up video)?!

Rock on through this Independence Day weekend US….the rest of the world?….just plain ol’ rock on! It’s been a furnace hot start of July in South Texas…too hot to go out, so it’s A/C and videos for me! 🙂

No lyrics….just. PLAY THIS ONE LOUD (again, headphones are a must to hear the detail that the lossless audio sources bring!)….you won’t hear what you’re missing until you listen through decent headphones…sorry to repeat but I’ll probably say it a few more times before we’re through! 😉

Born To Lose – UFO (1978)

Born To Lose – UFO (1978) FLAC Remaster 1080p Video

“Born To Lose” was released in June of 1978 on UFO’s seventh studio album, Obsession. This was the final studio album to feature guitarist Michael Schenker. UFO has produced so many beautiful ballads through the years, easily they have more that I love than any other hard rock band…..and this is one.

Been crazy busy lately so not much time for video work…but didn’t want to be gone for too long so….how ’bout a quick one!? 😉 Quickly dusted off one of my several of my old unfinished UFO videos and made this thing for it…cheated a bit and plugged stuff from my last two UFO vids (“Take It Or Leave It” & “Belladonna”), but the job is done. Hope you enjoy it….it’s another of my favorite UFO ballads….they have many. Hope to get some more of the UFO vids up soon. Thanks for watching!

As Usual HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art made this new art possible….THANK YOU!!!!

Wonder if you belong, think you’ve got it down
Does it still feel the same, now that he’s not around

Born to lose, Born to lose, make your mind up no fooling round
Now that I know, I could never be, I would never be the only one.

Wonder how it all began, as if that mattered anyway
There’s someone else you’re always wanting, every single day

Born to lose, born to lose, make your mind up no fooling round,
Now that I know, I could never be, I would never be the only one.


Born to lose, Born to lose, make your mind up no fooling ’round
Now that I know, I could never be, I would never be the only one.

“And your moving silence, the tea so delicately laced”….UFO’s beautiful “Belladonna” from 1976’s No Heavy Petting.

Belladonna – UFO (1976) HQ Audio Remaster HD Video

“Belladonna” was released in the spring of 1976 on UFO’s fifth studio album, No Heavy Petting. This beautiful ballad is just one of the reasons that No Heavy Petting has always been my favorite UFO album. UFO has always been such a strong band, from their first recordings until their latest, their talent shines; always exceptional guitar work, amazing vocals, consistently strong songwriting…and some of my favorite keyboards in rock and roll! Although of course, Paul Raymond would join the band after this record and contribute seriously fine work on many later album, but the keyboards on this record by one-album-only Danny Peyronel are my favorite in the catalog….plus the guy co-wrote a couple of my other favs from the album!

I’ve commented before about my love for UFO, so I spare the effort….suffice they are simply one of the most consistently great and lasting of all the hard rock groups. Pick up some of their albums form the last few years…..incredible!

Anyway…..this is another example of a video I started years ago and hadn’t gotten around to finishing. I was inspired to the work by the single clip of the spider hiding in the flower, which I knew I could build a vid around…all I ever got around to doing was working up that clip with the “monkey lady” art from the cover….it sat for some years, but now it’s done. I had promised to finish some of my UFO ballads at the time of my last UFO vid (for “Take It Or Leave It”) hope you enjoy it…as always thank you for watching!

As always HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art contributed to this new art…..THANK YOU!!!

Oh, Belladonna, never knew the pain
Maybe I’m crazy, maybe it’ll drive me insane
The open letter just carelessly placed
And your moving silence, the tea so delicately laced

Out of reach, out of touch
How you’ve learned to hate so much
Out of reach, out of touch
How you’ve learned to hate so much

Came from passion and you gave it a name
The fingers of poison like needles in the drivin’ rain
So smile discreetly as you watch with such grace
Now I must slip away but can you forget my face

Out of reach, out of touch
How you’ve learned to hate so much
Out of reach, out of touch
How you’ve learned to hate so much

Out of reach, out of touch
How you’ve learned to hate so much
Out of reach, out of touch
How you’ve learned to hate so much

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Baby until the last goodbye Take it or leave it

Take It Or Leave It – UFO (1980) HQ Audio Remaster

“Take It Or Leave It” was released in January 1980 on UFO’s eighth studio album, No Place to Run is the eighth album by the band UFO. This was the first album to feature Paul Chapman who replaced Michael Schenker on lead guitar.

The album was produced by George Martin, best known for his work with The Beatles. The record cover was issued in several different versions in the UK, although the only difference was the colour of the album title. Two singles were released from the album: “Young Blood” and “Letting’ Go”.

I listen to UFO constantly, they remain a favorite after all these years…the quality of their releases has remained strong and they never fail to impress me with each album they release. I have started numerous videos for UFO tracks, but they mostly fall in the category of “I cannot decide which video to use which effects” category…many ballads which could support nearly the same video, and the effects I try out look great with the various album covers, each completely unique and interesting to look at…..so I can never decide and just move on to something else. It was time to just do one…..thought about “Take It Or Leave It” my favorite track from No Place To Run.

I didn’t even really try to hard to get the lipsync looking accurate, just cleaned up a very small clip of UFO live at the BBC performing “Lonely Heart” and tried to make it work out.

As usual HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art made this new work possible….THANK YOU!!! And…..a big THANK YOU for checking the video out….hope you like it.

I’m on my way home
To see my little angel
Trying to put the pieces back together
Well it’s been so long
I’m feeling like a stranger
But they tell me a good thing lasts forever

[1] Who’s to say we can’t talk it over
’cause in time I know
That we’ll work it out
Give it one more chance
Before it’s too late
Baby until the last goodbye

Take it or leave it or leave me alone
Baby one (more) little sad reply
Take it or leave it or leave me alone
As time passed

By a thousand miles of ocean
I put you out of sight
And out of mind girl
And before too long promises were broken
Seemed no matter how we tried

[Repeat 1]

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Oh, the mess I’m in…..

“Doctor Doctor” was released in the spring of 1974 on UFO’s third studio album (and their debut on Chrysalis), Phenomenon. On this album the band left their blues-based “space rock” sound behind, in part due to the presence of new guitarist Michael Schenker. The album was produced by Leo Lyons, bassist of British rock group Ten Years After. All tracks were recorded at Morgan Studios in London. The original cover design and photos were produced by Hipgnosis.

Hard to believe that this is only my second video from one of my all-time favorite hard rock bands, UFO. One of my way earlier videos for “Love To Love” is still one of my most popular (though I can’t watch it without wanting to remake it! LOL!)…and I started a couple of other tracks by the band, including this one, not long after finishing that video. Hardcore fans may notice that for this video I used clips from the band performing “Lights Out” and not “Doctor Doctor” from the same concert….I tired using clips from both songs and the performance of “Lights Out” just somehow fit better for the video….go figure!? LOL! This is a great great song and I’m happy to finally have something done for it….and for you other UFO fans…I promise I’ll have more videos for tracks from this most awesome band coming soon. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

As always HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art contributed to this new art….THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Doctor doctor, please
Oh, the mess I’m in
Doctor doctor, please,
oh the mess I’m in
She walked up to me
and really stole my heart
And then she started
to take my body apart

*Livin’, lovin’, I’m on the run
Far away from you
Livin’, lovin’, I’m on the run
So far away from you

Doctor doctor, please
Oh, I’m goin’ fast

Doctor doctor, please,
oh, I’m goin’ fast
It’s only just a moment,
she’s turnin’ paranoid
That’s not a situation for a nervous boy

Doctor doctor, please
Oh, the mess I’m in
Doctor doctor, please,
oh, the mess I’m in
But you look so angry
as I crawled across your floor
She’s got the strain,
and I can’t take any more


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