“And we talked about the strength of dreams”

“Song of Seven” was the title track from Jon Anderson’s 2nd solo album, released in November 1980 on Atlantic Records.

This album was was very special for me back in my college days. I used to play it very frequently in-store at Record Town back when it was released in 1980. This song in particular is has always been a favorite for me. As a huge Yes fan, I still think the song as a whole stands with some of their best work…..and I’d go even further by stating the section beginning at 3:50 stands equal to anything the band ever did…it’s extraordinarily beautiful. I used to play this section over and over and I still think it’s one of the most gorgeous pieces of music I’ve ever heard.

I came across a short video maybe a year ago from 2004 called “Demon” from director Irina Evteeva and knew immediately I’d want to use it in a video. But first the video resolution was pretty poor and wouldn’t look too good even in it’s original resolution (not to mention trying to spread it out to 1080p)….and second, exactly which song should I use it in? I worked out the first by processing the video through After Effects with various tools and effects. I was very surprised that I was actually able to achieve such great results….I think it was the style of the original video that allowed me to improve it so much, but it definitely looks great now! (Seems a waste not to use the effort to show the film in it’s full edit…there is no dialog and the soundtrack is basically some piano and classical arrangements….not nearly as impressive as the video. I may end up sharing it later.) Choosing which song to edit it to took me even more time; I wanted to use it on a big popular tune as it had such a stylish and special look and I wanted it to be seen. I tried it to several epic songs (one in particular it worked pretty well with, I’ll maybe drop that edit later)….I kept coming back to “Song of Seven” because i liked how it worked….knowing that such an obscure tune wouldn’t get the views, but who knows, maybe the video edit will give both the song and the film more exposure and appreciation? Enjoy. Thanks!

Song of Seven was released during Anderson’s first hiatus from Yes and supported by his first solo tour. “Some Are Born”, “Days”, “Everybody Loves You” and “Hear It” were originally written and demoed during the Tormato sessions. The “Some Are Born” and “Days” demo versions from these sessions were included as bonus tracks on the 2004 CD reissue of Tormato.

Another track from the Song of Seven Album:
“Days” https://youtu.be/qSQHTFxY7Eo

In the meeting place I sit beside, betwixt the points of heaven
I befell a friendly atmosphere revolving around seven
Oh, that number mystified my soul and captured within feelings
Those of doubt and understanding, hand in hand they set me reeling

Met me a stranger, he came here to town
Bearing gifts full of promises, discoveries of light
Said me many reasons why my merry tale
Could be justified and just both together entwined

I tell you a reason, he said, “Bless you, you fool, you fool”
You want “so belief,” yet you want so much more,” you seeker
Now I see you’re baffled, yet again you administer fear
Of the unexpected, you don’t know the score

Everywhere you look you release parts of your senses
And everywhere there’s purpose in answer to all your dreams
I can hear you saying what a dreamer, what a fool to life
Isn’t it a pity that he won’t come back to earth

Haven’t you imagination, and is it not available
How you can be sooner or later than your thinking
Haven’t you imagination and is it so impossible
That you ask of everything so your eyes can see clearly

So in an instant your story bound
A desert, the underground, on mountains high
A glacier, the heat of the day

City jungle, the sky at night
In space on a starry night
An atmosphere impossible
So you never really care

So we talk about the strength of dreams
And we talked at length of every dream
And we talked about the strength of dreams
And we talked about the strength of dreaming

In the meeting place I sit beside, betwixt the points of heaven
I befell a friendly atmosphere revolving around seven
Oh, that number mystified my soul and captured within feelings
Those of doubt and understanding, hand to hand they set me reeling

In the seventh dream to stand alone
But not without the strength of love
To guide our way, everyday

Oh, the seventh dream, your smile can bring
Love on and on and time will flow forever clear
The seventh dream standing so near
And very soon we’ll walk with love
Love that I can sing to you, you, you

Is it this time of day that makes me realise
The sun is coming out to shine again tomorrow, tomorrow
Is it this time of day that gives you hope

Is it this time of times that comes between the light
Are there so many dreamers in this life between a moment’s time
And the stairways of love, the starlight, the starlight
Telling me that there’s something else to cling on to, cling on to

For all the veterans and their families…..”Saving My Heart”.

Someone recently presumptuously commented on this video “you don’t know Yes”, I suppose because they thought I was creating a video somehow endorsing war (or even the military)….which I wasn’t.  I’m sorry they weren’t able to understand that the video was about PEOPLE, both those serving (being in the military doesn’t make you a warmornger) and their families who must endure the hardships and anxiety of separation during deployment.   The video reflects the love people share for one another and that’s a sentiment that I feel certain Yes would approve of.  I’m sorry that someone would shallowly perceive of it as pro-war, pro-military, pro-anything besides pro-love.

So yeah….I do know Yes.To ALL THE VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES AROUND THE WORLD….”Saving My Heart”…..this one’s for you! (P.S.  If you started a war….this one’s NOT for you! 😉

Saving My Heart was released in the spring of 1991 on Yes’s thirteenth studio album, Union. This is one of my very favorite Yes songs….I’ve always loved it and felt it should have been a huge hit. I hope my video will open it up to a few more people.

Union is a seriously great Yes album, and though it ranks very high with fans, it wasn’t received very well upon release. I was somewhat disappointed with the previous album, Big Generator, but this one had them back firing on all cylinders! I remember the anticipation for the album, it was quite a big deal that all the guys were together again (Man, check out the line up for this thing EVERYBODY was involved! LOL!), and being thrilled with the result. It was just packed with great music and I still feel it’s one of the greatest later day Yes efforts.

I wanted to make a video in honor of those individuals and their families who have had to endure the anxiety, heartbreak and hardships caused by the separations of deployment. The video kept veering into more tragic images of loss, and some shots of Arlington National Cemetery were beautiful, but those type images were overpowering the less tragic focus of the video, and in the end I removed all except two, including the image of the grave of Ryan F. Coyer. This image had a powerful impact on me, the single image said as much as needed to be said about the ultimate sacrifice millions have made for our country…..it is to their memory that I dedicate my video.

As usual, a SPECIAL THANKS to everyone who’s art made this new art possible!

Hope you enjoy the video and THANKS for watching!

In the street where we live there’s a place called desire.
There’s a stone-cold intrusion of mad man’s fire,
But he leaves when the lust and desire released,
And you’re left with an empty room in peace.

Saving my heart for you – You do what you want to do
There’s a place in my heart for you – This time I’m watching you
Till the blood in my veins run dry – I’ll be there to testify
There’s a place in my heart for you…

I’ve been lost in the maze of emotional confound.
I believe that you knew our faith was secure;
How you kept-up your smile with a cool disposition,
How you stuck in the fire with a new sense of reason.

You tell me to take it easy, but it’s not my style.
You saw me around the corner; it’ll pass you by.
I wanna hold you closer to connect my fortunes.
I want take you higher, take it out like we did before.

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