Just another classic late period Graham Parker tune….there are many.

Bullet of Redemption – Graham Parker (2007) FLAC Audio HD Video

“Bullet of Redemption” was released in the winter of 2007 on Graham Parker’s 18th album, Don’t Tell Columbus. This is my second vid for a track from this album, after “The Other Side Of The Reservoir” https://youtu.be/9UzN7jT3YfI

Not much time for vid stuff, but Graham Parker released a new album (which is unsurprisingly simply another strong and excellent effort!) and I’ve been listening to it quite a bit as I do with each of his releases….(buy it now!! Cloud Symbols is the album, here’s a great review typical of the album: https://www.allmusic.com/album/cloud-symbols-mw0003206845) …..and it made me think about finishing up one of the numerous unfinished vids I have sitting around for his songs. I found this old short, processed it with effects and re-purposed a portion of it to the vid with a new edit. I love this track! Listen to it at least 4-5 times and deal with the ear worm later! 😉 Hope you enjoy it as well! Thanks for checking it out!

Graham Parker remains one of my very favorite songwriters and has produced consistently brilliant and strong albums from his very first up until his newest one this year (Cloud Symbols from October 2018).

Buy Cloud Symbols: https://www.amazon.com/Cloud-Symbols-Graham-Parker/dp/B07FT6DTVX/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1541260725&sr=1-1&keywords=cloud+symbols


Don’t Tell Columbus: https://www.amazon.com/Dont-Tell-Columbus-Graham-Parker/dp/B000MR9C1Y/ref=sr_1_1?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1541260795&sr=1-1&keywords=don%27t+tell+columbus

***From Allmusic.com: Depending on which album you get from Graham Parker these days, he’s either set on reminding us that he’s still capable of serving up the sort of lean and feisty rock & roll that made him a cult hero years ago, or demonstrating that he’s matured into a pithy and very gifted singer/songwriter with the passage of time. 2007’s Don’t Tell Columbus falls into the latter category (and follows his 2005 studio set Songs of No Consequence, which happened to fit into the former scenario), and while there are several examples of his acerbic side on display (most notably “England’s Latest Clown,” which concerns someone quite a bit like Pete Doherty, and “Stick to the Plan,” a witty but poison-penned meditation on George W. Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina), Parker’s more gentle side dominates Don’t Tell Columbus, and it serves him well on these tunes. The title cut is a cautious celebration of his adopted home in the guise of a road story, “The Other Side of the Reservoir” and “Suspension Bridge” are richly detailed slice-of-life stories, “Love of Delusion” is an intelligent but uncompromising story of a relationship gone sour, and “Somebody Saved Me” is an equally honest story from the other side of the coin. While Parker doesn’t rock especially hard here, the arrangements are taut, concise and full-bodied even when the electric guitars fade into the backdrop, and Parker handles the lion’s share of the guitar work himself with an easy confidence, while Mike Gent shines on drums and Ryan Barnum adds some well-placed keyboard textures that give the tunes welcome color and balance. If Don’t Tell Columbus doesn’t sound like it’s markedly superior to such recent Graham Parker efforts as Your Country and Songs of No Consequence, those were both strong albums and so is this, and what impresses most at this stage of Parker’s career is his consistency — he’s writing first-rate songs and putting them on record with heart, soul and conviction, and he hasn’t sounded this reliably inspired since the mid-’80s. It’s a fine thing he’s still around.
***End AllMusic.com.

That bullet of redemption
Didn’t strike me well
Others are left bleeding
Other people fell
That little sphere of metal
Keeps barreling along
Spinning round the chamber
And triggering this song

You know it never quite got rid of you
I keep seeing you around
No one ever disappears
Not even when they’re in the ground
That bullet of redemption
Didn’t quite redeem
It doesn’t really work that way
If you know what i mean

You know it moved at some velocity
Faster than the speed of sound
But just like buckshot
It scattered all around
We have to follow its trajectory
Like a poison dart
And it never stops moving
And now it’s stuck inside my heart

Well i wish i’d known better
Instead of turning you away
I wish i’d said something
But there was nothing i could say
That bullet of redemption
You know it missed the mark
It might kill a person
But it can’t kill their spark

Cos that’s like an angel
Hovering around
Hanging on my shoulder
With a whispering sound
Weighing down my conscience
Like a piece of lead
Ripping through my cortex
And talking in my head
That bullet of redemption
Well you can hear the ricochet
Cos it never really vanishes
Just keeps blowin’ me away