Like a mountain river bleeding

Here Again – Rush (1974) 24-bit/192 kHz HD FLAC 4k Video

“Here Again” was released on Rush’s eponymous debut studio album that was released on March 1, 1974. The album has been since been remastered, first in 1997, and again in 2011. This video features a 24-bit/192 kHz HD FLAC that was sourced when the album was remastered for vinyl in 2015 as a part of the official “12 Months of Rush” promotion. The high definition master prepared for this release was also made available for purchase in 24-bit/96 kHz and 24-bit/192 kHz formats, at several high-resolution audio online music stores. These masters have significantly less dynamic range compression than the 1997 remasters and the “Sector” remasters.

The album was released on the band’s own label Moon Records in Canada and by Mercury Records in the United States and internationally. Their first release shows much of the hard rock sound typical of many of the popular rock bands emerging earlier in the decade. Rush were fans of such bands as Led Zeppelin and Cream, and these influences can be heard in most of the songs on the album.

Original drummer John Rutsey performed all drum parts on the album, but was unable to go on extended tours because of complications with his diabetes and so he retired from the band after the album was released. Rutsey contributed to the album’s lyrics, but never submitted the work to the other members of the band. The lyrics were instead entirely composed by Lee and Lifeson. Rutsey was soon replaced by Neil Peart, who remained the band’s drummer as well as their primary lyricist.

This video is an update of an older one I made for “Here Again” is not only my favorite song on the debut, but also one of my all-time Rush favorites as well. I turned the tunnel effect up to 11 (from only a 10 on the old video)….when you think 10 is enough, it’s great to be able to crank it 1 more and get more effect! 😉 I haven’t been able to get into vids much lately so I find myself mostly drawn to tinkering with upgrades for the ancients. Thanks as always for checking ’em out….hope you enjoy!

I said i played this song
So many times before
That the melody keeps repeating
Growing new ideas
Flowing chords and notes
Like a mountain river bleeding

Well, i say as i look back
And all the thoughts i’ve had
They reflect just what i’m learning
Yes, you know that the hardest part
Yes, i say it is to stay on top
On top of a world forever churning

Well, you say you can laugh
But i can see that your eyes are glass
Well, do you see, can’t you see, what i’m feeling?
Yes, i’ve seen your face before
Why, i’ve seen it everywhere
Showing up to me without a scent revealing

Well, i said will it ever change?
Will it stay the same?
I’d surely like to know before it’s over
Well, i said i played some
I said it won’t be long
Won’t be long before i stop and play it over

Oh, oh i’ve, i’ve seen your face before
Is it ever gonna, ever gonna change again?
Oh, oh i’ve, i’ve been in one place too long
Is it ever gonna, ever gonna change again?

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