Seven druids dance in seven time. Sing the song the bells call, loudly chiming.

Ring Out, Solstice Bells – Jethro Tull (1977) FLAC Audio Widescreen HD Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Ring Out, Solstice Bells was released on Jethro Tull’s tenth studio album, Songs From The Wood, in February of 1977. Though I’ve done many videos for Jethro Tull songs, this is my very first from my favorite album they ever released…9 very strong songs of autumn-y, woodsy, folk-rock perfection (always get a hankering to build a fire in the woods every-time I hear it!)! 🙂

I found this nice old video of Georges Méliès’ The Christmas Dream (aka Le rêve de Noël) (1900) which I though would be perfect for a video for this tune. I gave the video a sepia tint (to give it a more mellow feel), enhanced the snow effects, and cleaned it up a bit. I couldn’t stop laughing at the wardrobe malfunction that results in a huge shoe right in the middle of all the dancing (you can sense the dancers trip hazard worry!)…no one knows what to do…the actor who lost is very focused on how to recover it…he makes his move, recovers the huge shoe….and leaves an even bigger obstacle on the stage a second malfunction befalls him and he loses his hat! 🙂 I wondered why Méliès’ wouldn’t have re-shot to correct (it wasn’t after all a minor glitch…that shoe needed a screen credit!). The video is a really beautiful look at what Christmas looked like in 1900.

A 40th anniversary edition of Songs From The Wood is right around the corner and I was hoping to have that edition in hand to source the audio for this video. I’ve been picking up all the Steven Wilson remastered Jethro Tull albums, and this is one I’m most looking forward (in addition to Heavy Horses and The Broadsword and The Beast). If you happen to be a major Tull fan and haven’t considered the Steven Wilson remasters….find them on Amazon…they are insanely amazing and worth every penny for a fan! 😉

Filled with imagery from medieval Britain (especially in the “Jack-in-the-Green”, “Cup of Wonder”, and “Ring Out Solstice Bells” lyrics), and ornamental folk arrangement (as in “Velvet Green” and “Fire at Midnight”), or the experimentalism of “Pibroch (Cap in Hand)” where Martin Barre’s guitar simulates bagpipes, the album is a departure from the hard rock of earlier Jethro Tull material, though it still retained some of the band’s older sound.

The album highlights the band at its most playful and due to its lush production and more noticeable use of keyboards is perhaps one of the band’s most obviously progressive rock oriented releases.

The descriptive term “folk music” has been dismissed by Anderson and Barre as not relevant to the album. Folk has a strong connotation of American singer-songwriters performing activist songs in coffeehouses, whereas Songs from the Wood was composed and performed as a tribute to the UK. Anderson said that the album was “for all the band members… a reaffirmation of our Britishness.”

The album signaled a new direction for the band, who turned to celebrating British pagan folklore and the countryside life in a wide-ranging folk rock style which combined traditional instruments and melodies with hard rock drums and electric guitars.

The album is considered to be the first of a trio of folk rock albums: Songs from the Wood, Heavy Horses (1978) and Stormwatch (1979). On the album cover appears an extended title line: “Jethro Tull – with kitchen prose, gutter rhymes and divers – Songs from the Wood”. The title track of the album contain two of these phrases in its lyrics.

The UK music-paper adverts read: “Jethro Tull present ‘Songs From The Wood’. A new album of Old Magic. Songs From The Wood. It’s inspired by the thought that perhaps nature isn’t as gentle as we’d like to believe. And it takes as its theme the natural and supernatural inhabitants of the woodlands of old England. Warm and friendly, harsh and bitter by turns, it includes ‘Ring Out Solstice Bells’ as well as Tull’s new single ‘The Whistler’ and seven other songs. Find a quiet spot and listen to it soon.”

Now is the solstice of the year.
Winter is the glad song that you hear.
Seven maids move in seven time.
Have the lads up ready in a line.

Ring out these bells.
Ring out, ring solstice bells.
Ring solstice bells.

Join together ‘neath the mistletoe,
By the holy oak whereon it grows.
Seven druids dance in seven time.
Sing the song the bells call, loudly chiming.

Ring out these bells.
Ring out, ring solstice bells.
Ring solstice bells.

Praise be to the distant sister sun,
Joyful as the silver planets run.
Seven maids move in seven time.
Sing the song the bells call, loudly chiming.

Ring out these bells.
Ring out, ring solstice bells.
Ring solstice bells.
Ring on, ring out.
Ring on, ring out.

…and now we’re fine. Classic Klaatu from their first album, 3:47 EST (1976).

Doctor Marvello – Klaatu (1976) FLAC Audio HD Widescreen Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Doctor Marvello” was released on Canadian progressive rock group Klaatu’s first album 3:47 EST in August 1976. The album was renamed Klaatu when released in the United States by Capitol Records.

I’m a HUGE fan of Klaatu first two albums especially (yeah, I was completely caught up in the “it’s The Beatles secret record” when the first two records were released in the late seventies…how we all wanted to believe that at the time!!!), but their other albums are very nice as well. I have several videos started for some of their more epic tracks, but until those are ready (I’m working on them!)….here’s “Doctor Marvello”! Hope you enjoy this great track from an album loaded with great tracks.

***From what I remember about all the “clues” for the tracks which pointed to The Beatles; this one referred to their break up; (“Jonesey turned the tide..We lost our cool..Caught in whirlpools” and “So bland was our condition…We summoned black magicians..To wave a wand or two” etc.) and their “reunion” on this album (“We’re completely cured…and now we’re fine”).

3:47 EST is regarded as one of the band’s greatest albums (along with Hope), using the same kind of Beatlesque psychedelic rock (in the style of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour), with a few new additions; most notably vocal distortion, more backwards instruments, and some obscure musical instruments such as electric sitars. The Juno-nominated album cover was painted by a friend of Klaatu’s members, the Canadian graphic artist, Ted Jones.

For a variety of reasons, rumours spread in the wake of the album’s release that Klaatu were, in fact, a secretly reunited Beatles. The album was moderately successful in the United States, largely as a result of the Beatles rumours.

A high-quality newly remastered version of the album was released on Klaatu’s indie record label “Klaatunes” in 2011. To accompany this release, a music video was made for the remastered version of “Calling Occupants”.

My love and I were thinking
How low our boat was sinking
From fishing for the blues
Every lure we tried
Jonesey turned the tide
We lost our cool
Caught in whirlpools

So bland was our condition
We summoned black magicians
To wave a wand or two
Talismanic spells
Tannis root and well
To tell the tale
Their magic failed

If that is all you want
(Doctor Marvello)
Then I may be of service
If all you want is love
(Doctor Marvello)
Well I may know a special man
Whose love machine turns can’t to can
With your mind in mind
With your mind in mind

(A passage of time)
The trance wore off by morning
A sentimental journey was hazily recalled
Though it sounds absurd
We’re completely cured
And now we’re fine
And now we’re fine
And now we’re fine

I’m callin’, hear me callin’, hear me callin’ In the winter time

Winter Time – The Steve Miller Band (1977) DCC 24 Karat FLAC Audio 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Winter Time” was released on The Steve Miller Band’s tenth studio album, Book of Dreams, in May of 1977. This is the third video I’ve made for a song by The Steve Miller Band (also “Fly Like An Eagle” and “Wish Upon A Star” ). Hope you enjoy one or two….thanks for watching!!!

The songs on Book of Dreams were recorded at CBS Studios in San Francisco, California from leftover material recorded for Fly Like an Eagle, but not released on the album. The sessions were produced by the group’s leader, Steve Miller, who had been producing the group’s albums since Number 5 in 1970. John Palladino was the album’s executive producer and the recording engineer was Mike Fusaro. The recordings were later mixed by Jim Gains with assistance from Win Kutz and were mastered by Ken Perry.

Allmusic gave the album a rating of 4/5 stars, calling it “a highlight of the ’70s classic rock era and one of Miller’s finest releases.” The review also comments that it’s an unnecessary album for the casual fan to consider, as the compilation album Greatest Hits 1974–78 contains seven highlight tracks from Book of Dreams.

As usual HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art made this new art possible….Please visit their channels to see the amazing full videos from which I’ve used clips!

Dmitry Adamov
Murmansk’s winter HD

Richard Arsenault
Snow falling in pine forest from window

SNOW fall MEDITATION relaxation music

Time Lapse #096 八甲田春の星 Mt.Hakkoda spring stars 4K

In the winter time
When all the leaves are brown
And the wind blows so chill
And the birds have all flown for the summer
I’m callin’, hear me callin’, hear me callin’

In the winter time
When all the leaves are brown
And the wind blows so chill
And the birds have all flown for the summer
I’m callin’, hear me callin’, hear me callin’
I’m callin’, hear me callin’, hear me callin’
In the winter time

In the winter time
When all the leaves are brown
And the wind blows so chill
And the birds have all flown for the summer
I’m callin’, hear me callin, hear me callin’

Down with sticks and up with bricks, In with boots and up with roots…it’s Build.

Build – The Housemartins (1987) FLAC Audio HD Widescreen Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Build” was released on The Housemartins’ second and final album, The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death, in September of 1987. This band’s two records were among my favorites of the late eighties. I was disappointed when the third album never appeared, but after The Housemartins disbanded, founder Paul Heaton and drummer Dave Hemingway put together The Beautiful South from its ashes, featuring roadie and bassist Sean Welch.

Been wanting to do something by these guys so I finally got around to something….this has always been one of my favorite songs by the band. Hope you enjoy…P.S. if you haven’t heard any of their other music (and you enjoyed this song) then it’s really worth searching out.

Clambering men in big bad boots
Dug up my den, dug up my roots.
Treated us like plasticine town
They build us up and knocked us down.

From Meccano to Legoland,
Here they come with a brick in their hand,
Men with heads filled up with sand,
It’s build.

It’s build a house where we can stay,
Add a new bit everyday.
It’s build a road for us to cross,
Build us lots and lots and lots and lots.

Whistling men in yellow vans
They came and drew us diagrams.
Showed us how it all worked out
And wrote it down in case of doubt.

Slow, slow, quick, quick, quick,
It’s wall to wall and brick to brick,
They work so fast it makes you sick,
It’s build.

Oh, It’s build(x4)

Down with sticks and up with bricks,
In with boots and up with roots,
It’s in with suits and new recruits,
It’s build…


What happened here As the New York sunset disappeared….Still miss ya, Johnny.

Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny) – Elton John (1982) Remastered FLAC HD 1080p ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)” was released on Elton John’s 21st album, Jump Up!, in April of 1982.

I remember December 8th 1980 like it was yesterday…..the news on the radio that John had been shot while driving with some friends to go for Pizza at Mr. Gattis in San Angelo, TX… we were thinking it was another gun accident (though what he was doing around guns was puzzling?)….then when we went inside the announcement he had been murdered by a fan…people openly crying….shocking to the core….tragic and unforgettable.

Jump Up! was (and remains) the first Elton John album where I cannot instantly recall the melody of each track on the album, but as with all of his albums, there are always gems to be found. In this case, “Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)” was the diamond…a beautifully realized tribute to his friend John Lennon. This has always been a very special song for so many of us. I’ve wanted to try something for it for so long….I hope you enjoy it.

I hesitated to have any reference to “he who’s name shall not be uttered”, but in the end I wanted to recognize that still painfully ironic moment in time where John’s kindness and love for his fans was captured as he signed the album for the man who would hours later gun him down in front of his home at the Dakota….I plugged in another effect to highlight the photo, but not the nightmare that robbed us all of nearly 40 years of new John Lennon music. John Lennon released every song he ever recorded with The Beatles and solo in around 17 years…he’s been gone more than twice that time…..still hard to wrap the mind around the monumental immensity of how much we lost because of one insect on that night in December 1980. Wow.

As usual HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art made this new art possible….THANK YOU!!!! …and of course THANK YOU! for visiting my videos!

What happened here
As the New York sunset disappeared
I found an empty garden among the flagstones there
Who lived here
He must have been a gardener that cared a lot
Who weeded out the tears and grew a good crop
And now it all looks strange
It’s funny how one insect can damage so much grain

And what’s it for
This little empty garden by the brownstone door
And in the cracks along the sidewalk nothing grows no more
Who lived here
He must have been a gardener that cared a lot
Who weeded out the tears and grew a good crop
And we are so amazed we’re crippled and we’re dazed
A gardener like that one no one can replace

And I’ve been knocking but no one answers
And I’ve been knocking most all the day
Oh and I’ve been calling oh hey hey Johnny
Can’t you come out to play

And through their tears
Some say he farmed his best in younger years
But he’d have said that roots grow stronger if only he could hear
Who lived there
He must have been a gardener that cared a lot
Who weeded out the tears and grew a good crop
Now we pray for rain, and with every drop that falls
We hear, we hear your name

Johnny can’t you come out to play in your empty garden

Whistle as the wind blows through the leaves…”Wendell Gee” from 1985’s Fables of the Reconstruction

Wendell Gee – R.E.M. (1985) 24/192 FLAC HD 1080p ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Wendell Gee” was released on R.E.M.’s third studio album Fables of the Reconstruction (also known as Reconstruction of the Fables) on June 10th 1985. This strangely beautiful little tune (or is that beautifully strange little tune? 😉 has always been one of my favorite R.E.M. tracks…been wanting to vid it forever, this isn’t really the video I wanted, but it’s a tricky one to get the right images for, isn’t it? Hope you enjoy the effort!

Fables of the Reconstruction, a concept album of Southern Gothic themes and characters, was the only album recorded by the group outside of the United States.

Despite the growing audience and critical acclaim experienced by the band after its first two albums, Murmur and Reckoning, R.E.M. decided to make noticeable changes to its style of music and recording habits, including a change in producer to Joe Boyd and in recording location to London, England. Boyd was best known for his work with modern English folk musicians, including such acts such as Fairport Convention and Nick Drake.

It was still a conceptual record by R.E.M. standards: lyrically, the album explores the mythology and landscape of the South, and the title and chorus of “Cant Get There from Here”, the album’s first single (intentionally misspelled, like most contractions and possessives in R.E.M. titles), is a rural American colloquialism sometimes used in response to a request by travelers for difficult directions (the video for the song received airplay on MTV).

Upon release, Fables of the Reconstruction reached #28 in the United States (going gold in 1991) and was the band’s best showing yet in the UK, peaking at #35. Recorded during a period of internal strife—largely due to the R.E.M. members’ homesickness and an unpleasant London winter—the band’s unenthusiastic view of the album has been public for years, and is often reflected among fans and the press. Drummer Bill Berry was quoted in the early 1990s as saying that Fables of the Reconstruction “sucked”; frontman Michael Stipe once shared the opinion but lately has said he considers it home to some of their more notable songs, telling producer Joe Boyd that he had grown to love the album.

Peter Buck, in the liner notes of the 25th Anniversary Deluxe edition, said, “Over the years, a certain misapprehension about Fables of the Reconstruction has built up. For some reason, people have the impression that the members of R.E.M. don’t like the record. Nothing could be further from the truth. […] It’s a personal favorite, and I’m really proud of how strange it is. Nobody but R.E.M. could have made that record.”

Fables was often characterized by a slow tempo and an intentionally murky sound, in contrast with the more upbeat and jangly (if equally abstract) sound of earlier R.E.M. material. Nevertheless, the focus on American folk instruments such as the banjo in “Wendell Gee” and a few additional orchestrations (string instruments in “Feeling Gravitys Pull” and honking brass in “Cant Get There from Here”) began the band’s route toward the layered, acoustic-based sound they adopted for their popular breakthrough in the late ’80s and early ’90s with albums such as Green, Out of Time, and Automatic for the People.

My previous R.E.M. video: Cuyahoga – R.E.M. (1986) Remastered FLAC HD 1080p ~MetalGuruMessiah~

That’s when Wendell Gee
Takes a tug upon the string
That held the line of trees
Behind the house he lived in
He was reared to give respect
But somewhere down the line he chose
To whistle as the wind blows
And listen as the wind blows through the leaves

He had a dream one night
That the tree had lost its middle
So he built a trunk of chicken wire
To try and hold it up
But the wire, the wire turned to lizard skin
And when he climbed it sagged
There wasn’t even time to say
Goodbye to Wendell Gee
So whistle as the wind blows
And listen as the wind blows through the leaves

There wasn’t even time to say
Goodbye to Wendell Gee
So whistle as the wind blows
And listen as the wind blows through the leaves
If the wind were colors
And if the air could speak
Then whistle as the wind blows
And whistle as the wind blows through the leaves

“You guys are crazy!” See you Down The Dolce Vita!

Down The Dolce Vita – Peter Gabriel (1977) 24-96 FLAC Audio HD 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Down The Dolce Vita” was released on February 25th 1977 on Peter Gabriel’s first solo album, Peter Gabriel (the first of four with the same eponymous title…most fans refer to the album as Peter Gabriel “Car”.)

Peter Gabriel’s first two solo records (“Car” in 1977 and “Scratch” in 1978) were very popular with me when I was attending high school during the ’77-’78 period when they were released, and his third and fourth (“Melt” in 1980 and “Security” in 1982) when I was attending college in the ’80-’82 period. Although I’ve started a few videos for songs from his first two albums, this is the first Peter Gabriel video I’ve uploaded. I thought one of the ones I’d already started would be finished first, however this one jumped in front of them when I came across the old video with the throbbing/pulsing effect (from Oskar Fischinger’s 1927 short “Berlin Wandering”) and immediately thought of “Down The Dolce Vita”. The video was finished very quickly, and although it could certainly benefit from some fine tuning, I was actually satisfied with the result of the first (and only!) render enough to go ahead and upload it. I hope you enjoy the effort!

The album was produced by Bob Ezrin. Gabriel and Ezrin assembled a team of musicians, including King Crimson main-man Robert Fripp, to record the album. Upon the album’s release, Gabriel began touring with a seven-piece band under his own name.

The photo on the cover is of Peter Gabriel sitting in the front passenger seat of a Lancia Flavia, owned by Storm Thorgerson, co-founder of Hipgnosis and the cover’s designer. For the shoot, which took place in Wandsworth, the car was sprayed with a water hose. The black-and-white image was then hand-coloured and reflections modified by artist Richard Manning using a scalpel.

An alternate proposal was to feature a photograph of Peter Gabriel wearing contact lenses intended to give his eyes the appearance of metallic ball bearings, but it was never produced.

Nick Kent, writing in the NME in 1978, described the album as “a fine record with at least one 24-carat irresistible classic in “Solsbury Hill” and a strong supporting cast of material that, all in all, in a year besmeared with great albums was, in retrospect, sorely underrated.”

“Hey Mac, see you down the Dolce Vita!
“Get back, we don’t have time
‘Cos I hear we’re sending off the heroes
When the yera goes, (they’re) out of the bay,
Trying to find a way
to make it alive”

“So long,” said four men to their families
“Be strong till we get back home
And if not, take care of all the children
Until then just hope and pray
We’re gonna find a way
to make it alive”

“You guys are crazy!”

They shout and then we leave the harbour.
In doubt, they’re acting weird
And the sea is whipping up a welcome
If hell come we’re all easy prey,
Trying to find a way
to make it alive”

“You guys are crazy!”

The captain’s hand shook for
the guys to get in place
He said, “Let’s look behind your face”.
With each corner covered, they were all around
Waiting for the midnight bell to sound.

“Out of sight,” cried Aeron through his glasses
“Don’t fight” said Gorham’s smile

All the while, his hand was on my shoulder
I was scared of being an easy prey,

Trying to find a way
to make it alive”

(I won’t be easy prey trying to find a way to make it alive.)