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  1. Man, your videos are off the charts! I have shared a number of them with some of my fellow lovers of Classic Rock. I have to ask, what type of editing program do you use. I have done some basic editing, but nothing elaborate. Your use of moving images and masking is top-notch. Thanks for paying homage to all of these great musical artists. The art you create is fantastic!


    • Thanks for the words of support, Rick! Very nice to know you’ve enjoyed the work. I use several programs to produce the vids (in varying degrees depending on the particular video): After Effects (for video effects), Premier Pro (for video editing), Photoshop (for image manipulation, masks, etc.) and finally I composite with Proshow Producer. Thanks again……good luck….I’ll drop by and say “hey” soon!

  2. Hi there. Just watched one of your videos, liked and shared on FB and Twitter and am definitely one of your new fans. You are indeed very gifted and talented. I would love to know what software you are using? (If more than one), the one I saw was Listen To The Music by the Doobie Brothers. I also love your approach to promote the music, artists and their monetary careers. Very giving of you. Would love to get into contact with you, to see if you would be interested in doing one that promotes “Positive Music”, which is my bag. Oh I’m also a musicologist, so I appreciate your obvious depth of music knowledge by looking at your selections and vast library. You can find me by searching the Positive Imperative and Positive Music Imperative and me Victor Sinclair.

    Keep up the great work.



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