George Jones 1931 – 2013 The Greatest Singer I Ever Heard……

George Jones passed away today and he’d been on my mind quite alot recently as I was thinking about how his time would probably be coming soon….and how I knew the world would feel more empty than ever knowing that that one of a kind soulful voice would never be heard again.

Although I’ve always been a rocker at heart and don’t listen to much country, especially back in my younger days….but ever since the day I picked up a George Jones Greatest Hits CD in the early 80’s I’ve thought he had absolutely the greatest voice I’ve ever heard.  I have since collected much of his work, although he produced so much, I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to listening to it all….but I do know that I’ve admired his vocals on every single song I’ve ever heard him perform…and he always gave each song 100%.

This is a great loss for music lovers…..and please, no matter how hard you rock… really owe it to yourself to listen to some George Jones this weekend or ASAP.

RIP ole Possum!

A couple of videos I did for George Jones songs (the only country songs I’ve made videos for, btw):

Memories Of Us

Where Grass Won’t Grow

Storm Thorgerson Has Died Yesterday

His art was a huge part of my life. Storm and his partner,Aubrey Powell founded Hipgnosis and created many of the greatest most iconic album covers of all time!  I think his art played a huge part in developing my deep love for rock music….in the days long before music videos were popular, it was the album art that represented the albums and the music within.

Besides all the great covers Hipgnosis did for Pink Floyd, they created amazing covers for: Scorpions (Lovedrive & Animal Magnetism), all Catherine Wheel albums, Peter Gabriel (I “Car”, II “Scratch”, & III “Melt”), Genesis (…And Then There Were Three), Led Zeppelin (Houses Of The Holy, Presence, In Through The Out Door), Wishbone Ash, Yes, ELO, UFO, Strawbs, Styx, 10cc, Al Stewart, Alan Parsons Project, Paul McCartney & Wings….the list just goes on and on.

These album covers were always in my life and the work of Storm and Hipgnosis is a huge influence on my art. It’s these covers that inspire and challenge me….and being able to morph them into something hopefully interesting and worthwhile is the greatest joy I have with making the music videos.

Some captures from my Atom Heart Mother video…I hope Storm might have enjoyed seeing his cows create new art:


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A love so warm and beautiful never fades away…

Just came across the information that Wings live triple album from 1976, Wings Over America, will be the next release in Paul McCartney‘s Archive Collection reissue campaign.  woa

Wings: Wings Over America – Paul McCartney Archive Collection deluxe edition (3 CDs + Wings Over The World DVD): May 28, 2013.

VERY excited to pick this one up, one of my favorite live albums of ever!  If the remastering is anything like what I’ve heard on the earlier albums in the series, it should be well worth the purchase.  Can’t wait to hear that incredible live Paul bass!

Wings at the Speed of Sound was released a few months before WOA and besides the amazing hit songs, there were other goodies buried in the vinyl grooves.

Some captures from the video:

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I am a D.J., I am what I play

I’ve spun Lodger 4-5 times since finishing this video…, this one just gets better with age.  Of the “Berlin Trilogy” my opinion of Low and Lodger just continues it’s upward trajectory….whereas, strangely enough, “Heroes” remains flat.

Hope to finish Lodger’s “African Night Flight” and upload (somewhere in the mid 180’s in the video numbering sequence )….back on the Low tracks, “Always Crashing In The Same Car” is almost done and will probably appear in the next 5-6 videos.

Image Captures from David Bowie’s “DJ” video.

Choosing which thumb to use to best represent a video sometimes drives me crazy!  Different ones work better for different reasons and I just never really know which works best.

WOW! Think I found the first really GREAT thing this blog can do for me…..get input on thumb art! 😉

If you have a preference let me know!  PS…I originally selected #4 but then changed almost immediately after upload to #2!