“I walk this shore in isolation…And at my feet eternity draws ever sweeter plans for me”

Ship of Fools – Robert Plant (1988) 24-192 kHz Audio HD Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Ship of Fools” was released at the end of February 1988 on Robert Plant’s fourth solo album, Now and Zen. It was my favorite tune on the record.

The video released for the song was a little drab and the audio from that video wasn’t too great. I added a little color to the video and synced to the best sounding source track I’ve ever heard…from a 24-192kHz flac rip from vinyl.

With a new band and a new perspective on his music, Plant returned in late 1987 with more of the sound that had previously defined him in Led Zeppelin. Although Plant continued to utilize computerized audio technology in a similar fashion to his previous solo albums, for this album Plant integrated the blues that had all but been abandoned on his most recent album Shaken ‘n’ Stirred (1985). A prominent guitar sound and an exotic feel to the recordings also marked another change in direction for the artist, who now added Middle Eastern tones in songs like “Heaven Knows”. This is a direction that he would eventually follow in the 1990s with Page and Plant.

The tracks “Heaven Knows” and “Tall Cool One” feature Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. (On the liner notes, Page’s participation on the songs is noted with a Zoso symbol.) In response to the Beastie Boys’ unauthorized sampling of some Led Zeppelin songs on their 1986 album Licensed to Ill, Plant also used samples from Led Zeppelin songs (“Whole Lotta Love”, “Dazed and Confused”, “Black Dog”, “Custard Pie”, and “The Ocean”) on “Tall Cool One”, additionally singing words from “When the Levee Breaks”.

“Walking Towards Paradise” was originally a bonus track available only on CD versions of the album and as the B-side of the single “Heaven Knows”. Rhino Entertainment released a remastered edition of the album, with bonus tracks, on 3 April 2007.
In an interview he gave to Uncut magazine in 2005, Plant commented that “by the time Now and Zen came out in ’88, it looked like I was big again. It was a Top 10 album on both sides of the Atlantic. But if I listen to it now, I can hear that a lot of the songs got lost in the technology of the time.”

On waves of love my heart is breaking
And stranger still my self control I can’t rely on anymore
New tides surprise – my world it’s changing
Within this frame an ocean swells – behind this smile I know it well

Beneath a lover’s moon I’m waiting
I am the pilot of the storm – adrift in pleasure I may drown
I built this ship – it is my making
And furthermore my self control I can’t rely on anymore
I know why – I know why
Crazy on a ship of fools
Crazy on a ship of fools
Turn this boat around – back to my loving ground

Who claims that no man is an island
While I land up in jeopardy – more distant from you by degrees
I walk this shore in isolation
And at my feet eternity draws ever sweeter plans for me
I know why – I know why
Crazy on a ship of fools
Crazy on a ship of fools
Turn this boat around – back to my loving ground
Oh no, oh no – ship of fools —



From Bob Seger’s classic 1976 Night Moves album…”Ship of Fools”

Ship of Fools – Bob Seger (1976) FLAC Remaster HD Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Ship Of Fools” was released on the album Night Moves in October of 1976. The album was the ninth by Bob Seger, and his first with The Silver Bullet Band.

Although the front cover only credits backing by the Silver Bullet Band, four of the nine songs on the album feature backing by the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section…which i doubt anyone would doubt didn’t have the effect of taking an already great album up a notch or two.

I remember buying this album and listening to it back when it was released and it was such a stand-out then because I was listening to mostly prog and hard rock during that period…and it was just such a beautiful sounding, soulful record…it was one of the records that pretty much stayed standing up next to my turntable (I waxed way poetic on that turntable in the description for my “Night Moves” video already! LOL!) for many months, because I played it so frequently. It’s a very special record to me and I love it still.

This is my second video for a track from the album (the first being something I tried for “Night Moves”…which i think is pretty awful now….I really need to remake that one! Yikes!!!!) I actually made the main effect (couple of variations of the ship lights over the album cover) around the time I made the “Night Moves” video, but I stopped working on the video for “Ship of Fools” because I found that is was blocked pretty much everywhere, so those clips sat around without a video to fill them out until I was thrilled to find out a couple months back that it was being allowed to play, so I set about finishing this video. Night Moves is one of those albums that I could easily be inspired to make a video for every single song. I hope you enjoy this one and thanks for watching!

Popular music critic Robert Christgau wrote that the riffs on Night Moves are classic rock and roll riffs, like those performed by Chuck Berry or the Rolling Stones, and that the album is about rock and roll for those who are no longer in their teens, like the song “Rock and Roll Never Forgets”.

The Rolling Stone review of the album by Kit Rachlis stated that the album is one of the best to come out of 1976-77, that Seger sounds like Rod Stewart and writes lyrics like Bruce Springsteen, and that album is classic rock and roll. The only problem that Rachlis had with the album was the production not being strong enough. A later review of the album by Stephen Thomas Erlewine for Allmusic says that the album was very similar to Beautiful Loser, but Night Moves is harder than Beautiful Loser. Erlewine also feels that the album has a wide range of styles and has not lost any of its influence years later.

The album was well received by critics and gave Bob Seger nationwide success. Three singles were released from the album, with two of them making the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. The album became Seger’s second to become certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America and was his first to be certified platinum by the same association. It later achieved a certification of sextuple platinum.

“Tell me quick” said Old McFee
“What’s this all have to do with me?”
“I’ve spent all my time at sea a loner.”

“Is there something else I should know?”
“Something hidden down below the level of your conversation?”
Well he turned away before the answer
Though I yelled aloud he refused to hear
It became to clear
So it went as we put out
I was left in constant doubt
Everything I asked about seemed private

The captain strolled the bridge one night
I stopped him in the evening light
To ask him would it be all right to join him

But he stood there like some idol
And he listened like some temple
And then he turned away

All along the fateful coast
We moved silent like a ghost
The timeless sea of tireless host possessed us
The wind came building from the cold northwest
And soon the waves began to crest
Crashing cross the forward deck
All hands lost

I alone survived the sinking
I alone possessed the tools
On that ship of fools