Sniff ‘n’ The Tears Classic Track…..Driver’s Seat (1978)

Driver’s Seat was released on Sniff ‘n’ The Tear’s debut album, Fickle Heart, in 1978. This is another of those songs that you can almost remember the first time you heard it….it’s so unique, cool!! Used to stay up half the night waiting for it to play on A.M. radio!

I’ve had several requests to do a video for the tune, and although I didn’t really plan on doing anything (since it already has a great official vid), but I kept thinking how great some cool driving video would be behind the tune. Once I started mixing it up with the original a bit, it went pretty fast….just a great tune to mess around with since there are so many cool cues to play with.

As usual HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art contributed to this new art….THANK YOU!!!!

Some screen captures for alternate thumbs:

Thumb3 Thumb4 Thumb5 Thumb6

Thumb7 Thumb9 Thumb10 Thumb11

Thumb12 Thumb13


Doin’ alright
A little jivin’ on a Saturday night
And come what may gonna dance the day away
Jenny was sweet
She always smiled for the people she’d meet
Trouble and strife
She had another way of looking at life
News is blue
Has no way to get to you
What can I do
When I remember my time with you

Driver’s seat (oh)
Driver’s seat (oh yea)
Driver’s seat (ooh)
Driver’s seat (oh yea)