Way down below the ocean!

Atlantis – Donovan (1969) Audio Fidelity SACD FLAC 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Atlantis” was released in the summer of 1969 on Donovan’s seventh studio, Barabajagal. I’ve had various requests for a video to this track through the past few years (thanks Jeannie E. Hess ;-), and I was happy to finally get around to working up something for it. *Sorry to see that the video is currently blocked in 230 countries. 😦

I extracted a high bit FLAC from Audio Fidelity’s Storyteller SACD for this video….hands down the best sounding version of “Atlantis” you’ll ever hear.

This is my second video for a Donovan classic, behind “Season Of The Witch” ….time to start thinking about “Hurdy Gurdy Man”! I hope you enjoy seeing “Atlantis” as never before….. and thanks for watching!

For me at least, any discussion of Donovan’s Atlantis after 1990 would be incomplete without a mention of Goodfellas. I remember first seeing Martin Scorcese’s masterpiece back when it was released in the theaters and thinking then how brilliant and perfect his choice to use the track in the Suite Lounge scenes with Billy Batts…brutal, stupid hoods beating, kicking and stabbing another hood to death while the delicate sounds of Donovan’s ode to the lost beautiful, peaceful, artistic and intellectual city of Atlantis drifted from the jukebox through the bar.

While the majority of the Barabajagal sessions took place in November 1968, “Happiness Runs” and “Where Is She” were recorded the previous May. All of these songs except “Atlantis”, “I Love My Shirt” and “To Susan on the West Coast Waiting” were shelved while Donovan’s Greatest Hits was still high in the charts. “Atlantis” / “I Love My Shirt” was released as a single in November 1968 in the UK. In the US, “To Susan on the West Coast Waiting” / “Atlantis” was eventually released in March 1969. “Atlantis” ended up charting higher than its a-side. Some of the songs recorded were originally meant to be included on the unreleased Moon In Capricorn album.

In May 1969, Mickie Most produced at least one session with Donovan fronting the Jeff Beck Group. “Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)” and “Trudi” resulted from these sessions. There were other songs recorded by Donovan and the Jeff Beck Group, but they remained unreleased until they appeared as bonus tracks on the 2005 UK reissue of the album. Rod Stewart was in the band at this time, but he does not sing lead on any of the songs that were released.

The songs on this album represent all facets of Donovan’s career. Several rockers adorn the album, including the title track, “Trudi”, “The Love Song” and “Superlungs (My Supergirl)”. “I Love My Shirt” updates the sound of Donovan’s children’s music, and there are several slow songs featuring breathy vocals (“Where Is She?”, “To Susan on the West Coast Waiting”) reminiscent of the For Little Ones portion of A Gift from a Flower to a Garden. It is during the Barabajagal sessions that Donovan’s musical vision and work ethic began to diverge from that of producer Mickie Most. The two eventually stopped working together, effectively ending Donovan’s chart success.

The continent of Atlantis was an island
Which lay before the great flood
In the area we now call the Atlantic Ocean.
So great an area of land,
That from her western shores
Those beautiful sailors journeyed
To the South and the North Americas with ease,
In their ships with painted sails.
To the East Africa was a neighbour,
Across a short strait of sea miles.
The great Egyptian age is

But a remnant of The Atlantian culture.
The antediluvian kings colonised the world
All the Gods who play in the mythological dramas
In all legends from all lands were from far Atlantis.

Knowing her fate,
Atlantis sent out ships to all corners of the Earth.
On board were the Twelve:

The poet, the physician, The farmer, the scientist,
The magician and the other so-called Gods of our legends.
Though Gods they were –
And as the elders of our time choose to remain blind
Let us rejoice
And let us sing
And dance and ring in the new Hail Atlantis!

Way down below the ocean where I wanna be she may be,
Way down below the ocean where I wanna be she may be,
Way down below the ocean where I wanna be she may be.
Way down below the ocean where I wanna be she may be,
Way down below the ocean where I wanna be she may be.
My antediluvian baby, oh yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah,
I wanna see you some day
My antediluvian baby, oh yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah,
My antediluvian baby,
My antediluvian baby, I love you, girl,
Girl, I wanna see you some day.
My antediluvian baby, oh yeah
I wanna see you some day, oh My antediluvian baby.
My antediluvian baby, I wanna see you
My antediluvian baby, gotta tell me where she gone
I wanna see you some day Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up,
oh yeah Oh club club, down down, yeah
My antediluvian baby, oh yeah yeah yeah yeah


A dream of mad man moon.

Mad Man Moon – Genesis (1976) SACD Remaster FLAC 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Mad Man Moon” was released on Genesis’ seventh studio album, A Trick of the Tail, in February 1976. Hadn’t done any Genesis in a while, but happy to get around to finishing another old project from one of the albums from my favorite Genesis era. To my longtime friends; thanks for sticking around…and to new viewers of my channel…thanks for watching! 🙂

A Trick of the Tail was the first album to feature drummer Phil Collins as lead vocalist, following Peter Gabriel’s departure.

The album was recorded at Relight Studios and mixed at Trident Studios in October/November 1975. It also marked the first album that the band would co-produce with David Hentschel. They would work with Hentschel for the n

A Trick of the Tail reached No.3 in the UK, remaining on the charts for 39 weeks, and No.31 in the US. Additionally, the album was certified Gold in the US by the RIAA in March 1990. Also according to Tony Banks in the essay that comes with Platinum Collection, the album doubled the band’s previous albums sales. This success was also financially crucial for Genesis who were $400,000 in debt by the time Peter Gabriel left.

This is the eighth video I’ve made for a Genesis song (and the third for a track from A Trick of the Tail..see “Ripples” https://youtu.be/iS6jt0ATanE & “Entangled” https://youtu.be/bqxEoPVEOOE. This video also features FLAC audio sourced from the 2007 SACD, absolutely the best way to hear this album …..other video links below lyrics.

Hope you enjoy the effort!

As usual HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art made this new art possible…THANK YOU!!!!!

Was it summer when the river ran dry,
Or was it just another dam.
When the evil of a snowflake in June
Could still be a source of relief.
O how I love you, I once cried long ago,
But I was the one who decided to go.
To search beyond the final crest,
Though I’d heard it said just birds could dwell so high.

So I pretended to have wings for my arms
And took off in the air.
I flew to places which the clouds never see,
Too close to the deserts of sand,
Where a thousand mirages, the shepherds of lies
Forced me to land and take a disguise.
I would welcome a horse’s kick to send me back
If I could find a horse not made of sand.

If this desert’s all there’ll ever be
Then tell me what becomes of me.
A fall of rain?
That must have been another of your dreams,
A dream of mad man moon.

Hey man,
I’m the sand man.
And boy have I news for you;
They’re gonna throw you in gaol
And you know they can’t fail
’cause sand is thicker than blood.
But a prison in sand
Is a haven in hell,
For a gaol can give you a goal
[and a] goal can find you a role
On a muddy pitch in Newcastle,
Where it rains so much
You can’t wait for a touch
Of sun and sand, sun and sand…

Within the valley of shadowless death
They pray for thunderclouds and rain,
But to the multitude who stand in the rain
Heaven is where the sun shines.
The grass will be greener till the stems turn to brown
And thoughts will fly higher till the earth brings them down.
Forever caught in desert lands one has to learn
To disbelieve the sea.

If this desert’s all there’ll ever be
Then tell me what becomes of me.
A fall of rain?
That must have been another of your dreams,
A dream of mad man moon.
Your Own Special Way – Genesis (1976) 2007 SACD FLAC Remaster HD 1080p

Heathaze – Genesis (1980) Remastered FLAC Audio HD 1080p

Many Too Many – Genesis (1978) 2007 SACD FLAC Audio Remaster HD 1080p Video

Snowbound – Genesis (1978) 2007 SACD FLAC Audio Remaster HD 1080p Video

Entangled – Genesis (1976) 2007 SACD Remastered FLAC HD 1080p


There is unrest in the forest There is trouble with the trees

The Trees – Rush (1978) Audio Fidelity SACD FLAC Remaster HD 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“The Trees” was released a couple of days before Halloween 1978 on Rush’s sixth studio album, Hemispheres. Hemispheres didn’t quite live up to A Farewell To Kings for me at the time it was released, but I liked it better than Permanent Waves that followed it.

I’ve been working on so many updates for old videos, but I noticed I’d not finished any of those updates since two I uploaded this past summer; Robin Trower’s “I Can’t Wait Much Longer” https://youtu.be/5QXGayu6QMc and Al Stewart’s “The Palace of Versailles” https://youtu.be/4qym4I8TPWA )….so I decided to kick a couple/few out. The original video (#67 uploaded on October 29, 2011…the 33rd anniversary of the Hemisphere album release! YIKES! https://youtu.be/leTGg3W1YHU ) I made for this track wasn’t really as bad as many I made way back then, but I thought I’d like to find higher resolution art and make a few adjustments. So now it features higher resolution “pointy”, “top hat” and “brains” all set to FLAC audio track sourced from Audio Fidelity’s 2016 SACD (what I consider the best the album has ever sounded). I made a video for “Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage” https://youtu.be/WDN4ZBTU7MQ a couple of weeks after my original “The Trees” video, and at the end of it, I teased a bit of the video I was working on for Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres. Although I never got around to finishing it, I was having a great time when I started it…..wow! that’s one that I’d have to really dig around for now, but I might go there since I love playing around with Hugh Syme”s art and maybe I could find some interesting things to do with that epic track?! Also just realizing “Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage” needs a tune-up….man, thinking of the time I spent masking those space ship screens to play my previous Rush videos!…..somewhere along the line, this one kind of fell into a hole (not a comment in over a year!….I guess it REALLY needs an update!?) 🙂

Next up on the Rush updates: “Witch Hunt”!….till then, this one’s for my RUSH friends around the world!

Following themes going back to Rush’s third album, Caress of Steel, on Hemispheres lyricist Neil Peart continued to utilize fantasy and science fiction motifs. Similar to their 1976 release, 2112, the title track on Hemispheres takes up the entire first side of the album, and is a suite of songs telling a story – in this case, a continuation of the story begun in “Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage” on the band’s previous album A Farewell to Kings.

The second side consists of two conventional tracks, “Circumstances” and “The Trees,” and the band’s first standalone instrumental, “La Villa Strangiato.” According to drummer Neil Peart, they spent more time recording “La Villa Strangiato” than they did recording the entire Fly by Night album.

The album contains examples of Rush’s adherence to progressive rock standards including the use of fantasy lyrics, multi-movement song structures, and complex rhythms and time signatures. In the 2010 documentary film Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage, the band members comment that the stress of recording Hemispheres was a major factor in their decision to start moving away from suites and long-form pieces in their songwriting. That change in philosophy would manifest itself in the band’s next album, the considerably more accessible Permanent Waves. The band’s seventh album would mark their commercial success, paving the way for the multi-platinum Moving Pictures.

Although Hemispheres received good reviews and became Rush’s fourth consecutive gold album in the United States, it proved to be a weaker seller than many of the group’s other albums. It peaked at No. 47 on the Billboard 200, becoming the last Rush studio album to fail to make the Billboard Top 10 until 1987’s Hold Your Fire.
Hemispheres would not reach US platinum status until December 1993, over 15 years after its initial release.

There is unrest in the forest
There is trouble with the trees
For the maples want more sunlight
And the oaks ignore their pleas

The trouble with the maples
(And they’re quite convinced they’re right)
They say the oaks are just too lofty
And they grab up all the light
But the oaks can’t help their feelings
If they like the way they’re made
And they wonder why the maples
Can’t be happy in their shade

There is trouble in the forest
And the creatures all have fled
As the maples scream ‘Oppression!’
And the oaks just shake their heads

So the maples formed a union
And demanded equal rights
‘The oaks are just too greedy
We will make them give us light’
Now there’s no more oak oppression
For they passed a noble law
And the trees are all kept equal
By hatchet, axe and saw