Yeah, there’s been a change of heart…Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers from 1982

Love this track from 1982’s Long After Dark!  This album takes me right back to the days around the pool at Ft. Clark Springs in the years right after graduating high school…. cruising in my new RX-7, cicadas in the mossy live oaks, the warm sunshine glinting on the crystal clear blue spring water in that massive pool we all loved so much, lotsa cold cold beer and great friends!  I guess if I believed in heaven, it would be very much like what I remembered from those carefree days in my hometown in the late 70s early 80s!

I hope to get around to doing vids for a couple of other tracks from this great album (and maybe a few others!) before it’s all over!  Till then…..dig this one! 😉

and of course a few alternate thumbs…not much variation in these, but you know…something to look at! LOL!

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