Electric Light Orchestra’s “Turn To Stone”

Turn To Stone – Electric Light Orchestra (1977) 24/192 FLAC HD Video

“Turn To Stone” was the opening track from Electric Light Orchestra’s seventh studio album, the epic double album “Out Of The Blue”, which was released in October of 1977.

This record is one of the best ELO ever released and even across four sides there wasn’t a weak track to be found.

Lately I’ve been spending more time working on updates to the videos I’ve already done (including one of the two I’ve made for tracks from the Out Of The Blue album; “Jungle” and “Sweet Is The Night”) but between the updates and the more involved new things I’m working on it’s becoming a pretty dry stretch for video uploads. So I decided to push out this little video for “Turn To Stone” that I’d finished quite some time ago (which included the original studio track behind this live performance), but decided not upload as the video effects weren’t quite what I’d hoped for (the footage turning to a more “stone” look at points…pretty cool, but the low res limitations of the source video made it pretty rough…still have a low level “stone” effect for the entire video now). In the end, its just a reason to upload what I believe is the best sounding audio of “Turn To Stone” currently available on Youtube….the FLAC track used was taken from a 24/192 vinyl source, no compression….so nice! 🙂

Thanks for watching!

The city streets are empty now
(The lights don’t shine no more)
And so the songs are way down low
A sound that flows into my mind
(The echos of the daylight)
Of everything that is alive
In my blue world.

I turn to stone
When you are gone
I turn to stone
Turn to stone when you comin’ home
I can’t go on
The dying embers of the night
(A fire that slowly fades to dawn)
Still glow upon the wall so bright
The tired streets that hide away
(From here to ev’rywhere they go)
Roll past my door into the day
In my blue world.

I turn to stone
. . .

Turn to stone
When you’re gone
I turn to stone.

I’m turning to stone
‘Cause you ain’t comin’ home
Why ain’t you comin’ home
If i’m turning to stone
You’ve been gone for so long
And I can’t carry on
Yes I’m turning
I’m turning

I’m turning to stone
The dancing shadows on the wall
(The two step in the hall)
Are all I see since you’ve been gone
Through all I sit here and I wait
(l turn to stone I turn to stone)
you will return again some day
To my blue world

I turn to stone
. . .

Turn to stone when you are gone
I turn to stone I turn to stone
When you are gone I turn to stone
Turn to stone when you comin’ home
I can’t go on turn to stone
When your are gone I turn to stone.

Your writing is so very strange I guess it always was that way

Letter From Spain – Electric Light Orchestra (1983) FLAC Remaster 1080p Video

“Letter From Spain” was released on Electric Light Orchestra’s 10th studio album, Secret Messages, which was released in June of 1983. This was the last ELO album with bass guitarist Kelly Groucutt, conductor Louis Clark, and real stringed instruments, and the last ELO album to be released on Jet Records. It was also the final ELO studio album to become a worldwide top 40 hit upon release.

As a longtime and major ELO fan, I had very high hopes for Secret Messages, mainly since I thought the album they released previously (1981’s Time) was one of the greatest records they ever produced. The record, though it is still a very good one, somehow seemed to lack the cohesiveness that I found with every single previous ELO album….but I didn’t listen to the album as much because it strangely didn’t seem like an album….of course years later we found out that Jeff planned on it being a double album, but the record company balked and he had to scrap his vision….and I realized possibly why it always had that effect.

“Letter From Spain” was the very first video I ever made, partly because I loved the song so much and partly (mostly! LOL!) because it was an easy to make….really I just thought about an image of a letter in and out over that very cool (and frequent!) background “letter” throughout the song. I’ve started getting serious about reworking many of my older videos (because I can’t watch most of them anymore and because it’s been fun to go back and see how I can improve them based on a few years experience making these videos. I resist completely new videos and try to incorporate as much of the original as possible…if I used lower resolution images I try and find higher ones, or work them to remove any nasty blocking or artifacts. These songs deserved way better videos than I was able to give them years ago….it feels great to dust them off and present them in manner more respectful of their art. So here it is….my update of my first video (wow!…from five January’s ago!); for the achingly beautiful “Letter From Spain”…including new art, more beautiful girls, and featuring a remastered FLAC audio source! (For anyone interested in the old one: https://youtu.be/ntJw-lHS6mY ) Thanks all for watching!

The record was originally planned to be a double album, but was thwarted by Jet’s distributor, CBS Records, claiming that producing a double vinyl album would be too expensive, and as a result, leader Jeff Lynne had to reduce it to a single album. This version of the album was digitally recorded and was to have been ELO’s first compact disc. Six of the songs from the intended double album appeared as B-sides and reappeared on the Afterglow box set in 1990, including a string-laden eight-minute long tribute to the band’s home town (Birmingham) entitled “Hello My Old Friend”. Some of the tracks reappeared on the 2001 re-issue of the album. “Endless Lies”, which had been altered for its inclusion on the subsequently-released Balance of Power album, appears in its original 1983 form on the 2001 remaster of this album.

Secret Messages, as its title suggests, was littered with hidden messages in the form of backmasking, some obvious and others less so. This was Jeff Lynne’s second tongue-in-cheek response to allegations of hidden Satanic messages in earlier Electric Light Orchestra LPs by Christian fundamentalists which led up to early 1980s American congressional hearings (a similar response had been made by Lynne on the Face the Music album, during the intro to the “Fire on High” track). In Britain, the back cover of Secret Messages has a mock warning about the hidden messages. Word of the album’s impending release in the United States caused enough of a furor to cause CBS Records to delete the cover blurb there.

Louis Clark returned to conduct the strings once more and the violinist Mik Kaminski appeared on an ELO recording for the first time since Out of the Blue in 1977, playing a violin solo on the track “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King”. On completion of this album, Lynne dismissed bass guitarist Groucutt, who later sued for alleged lost royalties and received a settlement out of court.

Three singles were released from the album in the UK: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King”, the title track and “Four Little Diamonds”. In the US, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King”, “Four Little Diamonds” and “Stranger” were issued. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is King” was the band’s last UK Top 20 hit. The song “Letter from Spain” was used as backing music in commercials for the Games of the XXV Olympiad, held in 1992 in Barcelona.

I read the papers this morning
I saw your photograph
You look good in the movie
It must be so much fun
Letter from Spain
From someone I once knew

I got a letter this morning
Postmark said it was from Spain
Your writing is so very strange
I guess it always was that way
Letter from Spain
From someone I once knew

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Showdown – Electric Light Orchestra (1973)

Showdown – Electric Light Orchestra (1973) HQ Audio Remaster HD Video

“Showdown” was released on Electric Light Orchestra’s third studio album, On The Third Day, in the winter of 1973.

Not much to say here, just something I always wanted to do….a great early Electric Light Orchestra tune from 1973’s On The Third Day album, and a movie that I never get tired of watching, 1995’s The Quick And The Dead.

Being a huge fan of both spaghetti westerns (and of the master in particular, Sergio Leone) and Sam Raimi, I’ve always thought this such a cool movie, though some at the time thought it missed the target….it is what it was meant to be, just an extremely stylish and fun tribute to the spaghetti westerns….made by fans for fans! The direction, cinematography, art direction, and editing (absolutely loaded with bits that I would have loved to have in the video, and actually had more in earlier but had to chop them out as it was just too much! 😉 If you’ve never seen the movie…..you’re in for a treat…..get some popcorn in, queue it up and have a blast! LOL!

The Quick And The Dead….http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114214/

I hope you enjoy the effort…and thank you for checking it out!

She cried to the southern wind
About a love that was sure to end
Every dream in her heart was gone
Headin’ for a Showdown
Bad dreamer, what’s your name?
Looks like we’re ridin’ on the same train
Looks as through there’ll be more pain
There’s gonna be a Showdown
And it’s rainin’ all over the world
It’s raining all over the world
Tonight, the longest night
She came to me like a friend
She blew in on a southern wind
Now my heart is turned to stone again
There’s gonna be a Showdown
Save me, oh, save me
It’s unreal, the suffering
There’s gonna be a Showdown
And it’s rainin’ all over the world
It’s raining all over the world
Tonight, the longest night
Raining, raining
Raining, raining
Raining all over the world
Raining all over the world
The longest night
And it’s raining all over the world
Raining all over the world
Tonight, the longest night

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Ticket To The Moon

“Ticket To The Moon” was released in the summer of 1981 on Electric Light Orchestra’s ninth studio album, Time. As a huge ELO fan, I always thought this record was one of their greatest and most underrated. Although it was very successful when released, I remember it receiving pretty crappy reviews at the time (it currently rates only 2 stars at Allmusic…c’mon!). This might be my favorite track…..and I think with this video behind it, the song makes an even stronger impression.

Always wanted to see Georges Méliès'”A Trip To The Moon” behind ELO’s “Ticket To The Moon”, and I started the project almost 2 years ago. At that time I didn’t have any HD footage to work with so I had incorporated more masks and effects behind the film clips to try and spruce them up…it was interesting, but I’m so glad I waited until I was able to include footage from the stunning color restoration that was recently released. I basically lost all my early edits and set the track to a much more linear version of the film…made a few minor adjustments to improve video for wide-aspect…mainly very minor noise reduction.

“Ticket To The Moon” is only a quarter of the length of “A Trip To The Moon”…you don’t see even a forth of the film and it really needs to be seen in it’s entirety to be fully appreciated. The New York Times film critic, A. O. Scott called the restoration “surely a cinematic highlight of the year, maybe the century.”….I couldn’t agree more. The restoration of this film is one of the most extraordinary things I’ve even seen.

The material for A TRIP TO THE MOON was sourced from a restored color version that had been considered lost for several decades. It is presented here with an original soundtrack by Air. In 2010, three experts in worldwide film restoration (Lobster Films along with two non-profit entities, Groupama Gan Foundation for Cinema and Technicolor Foundation for Cinema Heritage) launched the most complex and ambitious restoration in the history of cinema. The process took over twelve years using advanced digital technologies to reassemble and restore the fragments of the 13,375 frames. The restoration print premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011 and made a worldwide tour of international festivals including Telluride, Pordenone, Rotterdam and the MoMA Festival of Film Preservation. Now, one of the most technically sophisticated and expensive restorations in film history, A TRIP TO THE MOON can be seen in its original 1902 colors.

Lobster Films
Groupama Gan Foundation for Cinema
Technicolor Foundation for Cinema Heritage for their work restoring “A Trip To The Moon” and especially Georges Méliès for creating it!

Remember the good old 1980s?
When things were so uncomplicated?
I wish I could go back there again
And everything could be the same.

I’ve got a ticket to the moon
I’ll be leaving here any day soon
Yeah, I’ve got a ticket to the moon
But I’d rather see the sunrise in your eyes.

Got a ticket to the moon
I’ll be rising high above the earth so soon
And the tears I cry might turn into the rain
That gently falls upon your window
You’ll never know.

Ticket to the moon (ticket to the moon)
Ticket to the moon (ticket to the moon)
Ticket to the moon (ticket to the moon).

Fly, fly through a troubled sky
Up to a new world shining bright, oh, oh.

Flying high above
Soaring madly through the mysteries that come
Wondering sadly if the ways that led me here
Could turn around and I would see you there
Standing there (and I would see you there, waiting…)

Ticket to the moon
Flight leaves here today from Satellite Two
As the minutes go by, what should I do?
I paid the fare, what more can I say?
It’s just one way (only one way)…



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