Shinto and rock and roll at the Budokan

This Is Japan – Jack Green (1980) FLAC Audio 4K Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“This is Japan” was released on Jack Green’s debut solo album, Humanesque, in 1980. I discovered this album when I was working at the record store. I recall we only received 3 copies of the album and no one knew who the artist was. I took a chance and opened a copy ——- (As I’ve mentioned in video descriptions before, I came across so much great music in this way….open a copy of an album and buy it if it was good or use the excuse that it was for in-store play …even if we didn’t like it and never played it…it happened! LOL!) —- and I remember liking it immediately, and the girl I worked with grabbed a second copy as we listened to it for the first time. Another employee bought the 3rd copy the next day. I played the hell out of it for weeks, and we special ordered some more, but never really met the demand that could be made by simply playing the album in the store….the manager would get so pissed off that I played things that we didn’t have in stock! This album was one of my favorites from the early eighties, and I’ve listened to it frequently for the last nearly 40 (ouch!) years!…still sounds as amazing as ever.

I took the FLAC audio from the CD release and equalized them for a bit more bass. I think the audio adjustment makes the tracks sound fuller with more bottom end, better, but they are just a hair under clipping and I need to give a more critical listening on my home system.

I started videos from this record over 6 years ago, but never worked them out, I really wanted to get some out so I decided to use my favorite cheat (the equalizer video! LOL!). This is my second video for a track from the album; see the first, “I Call, No Answer” (featuring Richie Blackmore’s guitar):

Outside of the Tokyo Hilton
There’s a girl walking round a shrine
Singing prayers to the rising sun

A sign of life among the traffic
A brave reminder of the past
In the middle of the screaming sound

Sayonara to the sacred Samurai
Living past, ain’t it fast
This is Japan

Coming round in the land of the emperor
See a paper dragon flying through the morning sun
There the Buddha meets the future
Shinto and rock and roll at the Budokan

Sayonara to the sacred samurai
Living past, ain’t it fast
This is Japan

In the heart of Tokyo city
When it’s dark and things are moving
To the beat of fun and hustle
To the touch of flesh and muscle
Rice wine can make you happy
It’s the kind of thing that makes you feel
Closer to home
But the light are bright
And your head is spinning
On a cold dark Tokyo street you are alone in Japan

This is Japan
This is Japan
This is Japan

This is Japan
This is Japan
This is Japan
This is Japan
This is Japan
This is Japan
This is Japan
This is Japan


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