“I only had to dream to create the scene”

Magic Is A Child – Nektar (1977) SHM-CD FLAC Audio 4k Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Magic Is A Child” was the title track from Nektar’s seventh album, which was released in September of 1977. I bought this album when it was released though I didn’t know anything about the band…it was another of those cases where the cover art was intriguing enough that you needed to hear what was inside! 😉 Happy to say, I wasn’t disappointed and although I went on to listen to other Nektar albums released both before and after, Magic Is A Child remained my favorite by the band. Wanted to do a second video for a song from this album before moving on. Had a whole thing with ink effects started, then decided that I could just reuse the effect template I had made for Yes’ “Wonderous Stories”….of is it looks a little familiar?! 😉 Thanks for watching!

From Allmusic.com:
Magic Is a Child was released in 1977, the debut for new Nektar guitarist Dave Nelson. Carrying on, though, from where their last set left off, Nektar’s fascination with shorter, punchier songs continued unabated, even while the keyboards continued to swell and the guitars shifted ever more toward the symphonic. Nektar’s brightening vistas were new, however, and a fatal flaw as far as their fans were concerned. They didn’t want breezy pop, and breezy pop fans didn’t want Nektar, while the band’s new label, Polydor, apparently didn’t care either way. The art department did spring for the 13-year-old Brooke Shields to appear on the front cover, but that was it in terms of promotion. Thematically, too, little about Magic Is a Child recalls Nektar’s days as prog darlings. The opening “Away from Asgard” is a fine slab of Norse storytelling, tied into the vast dark forests of northern Germany (where the band was still based), while “Midnight Light” also has a romantic Germanic tinge, as it eulogizes the village of Seeheimut. “Love to Share,” in contrast, is an unabashed Beatles tribute, riddled with affectionate borrowings and an oddly effective backward drum, while “On the Run (The Trucker)” still sounds like a slice of AOR radio filler.

At the time I was a little boy
All my senses were in bloom
The forests were adventure
There dwelt the legends of my mind

I was the keeper of the golden key
I made all the rules
I only had to dream
To create the scene

Magic is a child
Imagination is alive
Magic is imagination
A child is alive

How the trees were so high
The cheese in the sky
Were part of my imagination
I was goblins and elves
With small mushroom shelves
As brothers Grimm would tell their stories

Opening my eyes in the morning I would see
Patterns in the trees making shapes that were a face to me

In those tireless times
And those carefree lines
That we draw ourselves
But they’re never kept



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