On The Way – Paul McCartney (1980)

On The Way – Paul McCartney (1980) FLAC Remaster 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“On The Way” was released on the Paul McCartney II album in the spring of 1980. I wasn’t a huge fan of this record when it was released…based on the single (“Coming Up”) that was released just prior to the album my expectations were very high and there was simply too many (even for Macca) slight & fluffy filler tracks to give the album much cohesiveness. This album has become quite a cult favorite and has many fans, I’ll admit that time seems to have been very kind to this record, I like it more now than I did then…maybe it just caught up to it? In 2003, Mojo placed the album at number 26 on their list of the “Top 50 Eccentric Albums”. In 2011, NME included the album on their list of “101 Albums to Hear Before You Die,” whose list entries were selected by different musicians; McCartney II was picked by Austin Williams of Swim Deep.

I’d not given much thought about doing this tune, and this video was really kind of an accident as an experiment for another song led me to drop in “On The Way” audio as a replacement. The frequency reactions I’d created for the other tune were left intact, and I really should have made adjustments to this songs frequencies so that the response would have produced a better result with the reaction….but it’s not too far off and works alright I think…for what it is?

FROM WIKI: After the releases of what turned out to be Wings’ final album, Back to the Egg, McCartney went north to his farm in Scotland to begin some private recordings in July 1979. The first song he recorded was “Check My Machine” as a way to test the equipment, hence its title. By sessions’ end, he had recorded over 20 songs. With no immediate use for the recordings, he put them aside for the time being and returned to work with Wings in order to prepare for a UK tour that November and December. Simultaneously with the performances (which included the new “Coming Up”), Paul McCartney released his first solo single since 1971, the festive Top 10 UK hit “Wonderful Christmastime” b/w “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reggae”. The A-side was recorded during the McCartney II sessions, while its flip side had been cut in 1975. However, upcoming events were about to change McCartney’s plans with Wings.

After years of visa refusals due to his past marijuana busts, Japan had finally allowed McCartney, and thus Wings, to perform. It would be McCartney’s first time playing there since 1966 with The Beatles, and anticipation was running high with Wings’ tour completely sold out. However, upon his arrival in Tokyo on 16 January 1980, a search of McCartney’s luggage revealed a bag containing 219 grams of marijuana, prompting his immediate arrest and eventually cancelling the tour. After a nine-day jail stay, McCartney was released and returned home to his Scottish farm. Deciding to put Wings on hold while he contemplated his future, he now decided to issue his solo recordings from the previous summer.

McCartney II was released in mid-May to mixed reviews; many critics found the album, with its experimental, synth-based compositions and its handful of instrumentals, slight. That did not stop it from reaching #1 in the UK and #3 in the US. The next single, the introspective “Waterfalls”, was a UK Top 10 hit, but failed to make an impact in the US. Despite its less-than-rapturous critical reaction, McCartney II has continued to remain a favourite of McCartney devotees.

The initial issue of this album on compact disc featured “Check My Machine” and “Secret Friend” as bonus tracks. The two songs were originally released as the B-sides of “Waterfalls” and “Temporary Secretary”, respectively. In 1993, McCartney II was remastered and reissued on CD as part of “The Paul McCartney Collection” series with Wings’ 1979 hit “Goodnight Tonight” added as a third bonus track.

When the new remastered version was released in 13 June 2011 as part of the Paul McCartney Archive Collection, the album re-entered the UK charts at number 108. END WIKI.

[Verse 1]
Well, you know I’ll always love you
But it would have been a lie
If I said that I could please you
Every moment that I try

Wouldn’t want to see you crying
So l hope you don’t mind the things I say
On the way

[Verse 2]
Well, we’ve been traveling for a long time
And we finally finished here
Though I said some things to hurt you
Well, it was only out of fear


[Verse 3]
Well, you know I’ll always love you
Everything will be alright
If I know you don’t mind the things I say
On the way
L know you don’t mind the things I say
On the way
Well, you know I’ll always love you
Everything will be okay
If I know you don’t mind the things I say
On the way


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