“Are you there…Do you have a thought for me that you can share?”

Flying Sorcery – Al Stewart (1976) MFSL FLAC Audio 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Flying Sorcery” was released on Al Stewart’s seventh studio album, Year Of The Cat, in the summer of 1976. This is one of those rare records where just about every single song is a favorite!

I have quite a few new videos nearly finished (one thing or another not quite ready), but wanted to get something new out this morning…since I hadn’t done anything for Al since my summer update for my original “Palace of Versailles” https://youtu.be/4qym4I8TPWA ….I jumped into “Flying Sorcery” last night and finished it up in about 3 hours work. This is my 3rd video from the Year of the Cat album (check “Broadway Hotel” https://youtu.be/9kclYecZPs0 and “Year of the Cat” https://youtu.be/ACAK1Ck2ZM0 )…and my 9th Al Stewart video overall. My Year of the Cat videos all feature FLAC audio sourced from the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab remaster….easily the best sounding release of the album!

Hope you enjoy the effort for another wonderful, beautiful Al Stewart song….thanks for checking out the video!

With your photographs of Kitty Hawk
And the biplanes on your wall
You were always Amy Johnson
From the time that you were small
No schoolroom kept you grounded
While your thoughts could get away
You were taking off in Tiger Moths
Your wings against the brush-strokes of the day
Are you there
On the tarmac with the winter in your hair
By the empty hangar doors you stop and stare
Leave the oil-drums behind you, they won’t care
Oh, are you there

Oh, you wrapped me up in a leather coat
And you took me for a ride
We were drifting with the tail-wind
When the runway came in sight
The clouds came up to gather us
And the cockpit turned to white
When I looked the sky was empty
I suppose you never saw the landing-lights
Are you there
In your jacket with the grease-stain and the tear
Caught up in the slipstream of dare
The compass roads will guide you anywhere
Oh, are you there

The sun comes up on Icarus as the night-birds sail away
And lights the maps and diagrams
That Leonardo makes
You can see Faith, Hope and Charity
As they bank above the fields
You can join the flying circus
You can touch the morning air against your wheels
Are you there
Do you have a thought for me that you can share
Oh I never thought you’d take me unawares
Just call me if you ever need repairs
Oh, are you there


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