Down with sticks and up with bricks, In with boots and up with roots…it’s Build.

Build – The Housemartins (1987) FLAC Audio HD Widescreen Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Build” was released on The Housemartins’ second and final album, The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death, in September of 1987. This band’s two records were among my favorites of the late eighties. I was disappointed when the third album never appeared, but after The Housemartins disbanded, founder Paul Heaton and drummer Dave Hemingway put together The Beautiful South from its ashes, featuring roadie and bassist Sean Welch.

Been wanting to do something by these guys so I finally got around to something….this has always been one of my favorite songs by the band. Hope you enjoy…P.S. if you haven’t heard any of their other music (and you enjoyed this song) then it’s really worth searching out.

Clambering men in big bad boots
Dug up my den, dug up my roots.
Treated us like plasticine town
They build us up and knocked us down.

From Meccano to Legoland,
Here they come with a brick in their hand,
Men with heads filled up with sand,
It’s build.

It’s build a house where we can stay,
Add a new bit everyday.
It’s build a road for us to cross,
Build us lots and lots and lots and lots.

Whistling men in yellow vans
They came and drew us diagrams.
Showed us how it all worked out
And wrote it down in case of doubt.

Slow, slow, quick, quick, quick,
It’s wall to wall and brick to brick,
They work so fast it makes you sick,
It’s build.

Oh, It’s build(x4)

Down with sticks and up with bricks,
In with boots and up with roots,
It’s in with suits and new recruits,
It’s build…



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