“You guys are crazy!” See you Down The Dolce Vita!

Down The Dolce Vita – Peter Gabriel (1977) 24-96 FLAC Audio HD 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Down The Dolce Vita” was released on February 25th 1977 on Peter Gabriel’s first solo album, Peter Gabriel (the first of four with the same eponymous title…most fans refer to the album as Peter Gabriel “Car”.)

Peter Gabriel’s first two solo records (“Car” in 1977 and “Scratch” in 1978) were very popular with me when I was attending high school during the ’77-’78 period when they were released, and his third and fourth (“Melt” in 1980 and “Security” in 1982) when I was attending college in the ’80-’82 period. Although I’ve started a few videos for songs from his first two albums, this is the first Peter Gabriel video I’ve uploaded. I thought one of the ones I’d already started would be finished first, however this one jumped in front of them when I came across the old video with the throbbing/pulsing effect (from Oskar Fischinger’s 1927 short “Berlin Wandering”) and immediately thought of “Down The Dolce Vita”. The video was finished very quickly, and although it could certainly benefit from some fine tuning, I was actually satisfied with the result of the first (and only!) render enough to go ahead and upload it. I hope you enjoy the effort!

The album was produced by Bob Ezrin. Gabriel and Ezrin assembled a team of musicians, including King Crimson main-man Robert Fripp, to record the album. Upon the album’s release, Gabriel began touring with a seven-piece band under his own name.

The photo on the cover is of Peter Gabriel sitting in the front passenger seat of a Lancia Flavia, owned by Storm Thorgerson, co-founder of Hipgnosis and the cover’s designer. For the shoot, which took place in Wandsworth, the car was sprayed with a water hose. The black-and-white image was then hand-coloured and reflections modified by artist Richard Manning using a scalpel.

An alternate proposal was to feature a photograph of Peter Gabriel wearing contact lenses intended to give his eyes the appearance of metallic ball bearings, but it was never produced.

Nick Kent, writing in the NME in 1978, described the album as “a fine record with at least one 24-carat irresistible classic in “Solsbury Hill” and a strong supporting cast of material that, all in all, in a year besmeared with great albums was, in retrospect, sorely underrated.”

“Hey Mac, see you down the Dolce Vita!
“Get back, we don’t have time
‘Cos I hear we’re sending off the heroes
When the yera goes, (they’re) out of the bay,
Trying to find a way
to make it alive”

“So long,” said four men to their families
“Be strong till we get back home
And if not, take care of all the children
Until then just hope and pray
We’re gonna find a way
to make it alive”

“You guys are crazy!”

They shout and then we leave the harbour.
In doubt, they’re acting weird
And the sea is whipping up a welcome
If hell come we’re all easy prey,
Trying to find a way
to make it alive”

“You guys are crazy!”

The captain’s hand shook for
the guys to get in place
He said, “Let’s look behind your face”.
With each corner covered, they were all around
Waiting for the midnight bell to sound.

“Out of sight,” cried Aeron through his glasses
“Don’t fight” said Gorham’s smile

All the while, his hand was on my shoulder
I was scared of being an easy prey,

Trying to find a way
to make it alive”

(I won’t be easy prey trying to find a way to make it alive.)


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