No need to hurry We’ll meet in the end

A Hard Road – Black Sabbath (1978) 96KHz/24bit FLAC HD Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“A Hard Road” was released on the album Never Say Die!, the eighth studio album by English rock band Black Sabbath, in September 1978. It was the final Black Sabbath studio album until 2013’s 13 to feature vocalist Ozzy Osbourne prior to his departure from the band in 1979, and the last full studio album to feature the band’s original lineup. Critics called it unbalanced, scattering its energy in too many directions.

I may be in the minority, but I’ve always thought this was a very cool Black Sabbath record, I especially like “A Hard Road”, “Junior’s Eyes” and “Air Dance”….I think the key to enjoying the album is to listen to each song as a single….cohesively the record is a mess for sure.

In the UK the title track, released well ahead of the album, reached No. 21 in the chart and gave the band its first Top of the Pops appearances since 1970. In the UK the album reached No. 12, one place higher than its predecessor Technical Ecstasy.

In the UK, “A Hard Road” was released as the second single from the album and reached the UK Top 40, 25,000 copies being pressed in a limited-edition purple-vinyl. The song marks the first and last time guitarist Tony Iommi sings backing vocals with Black Sabbath, explaining that when he sang, bassist Geezer Butler couldn’t keep a straight face. The album received mostly negative reviews and is not held in high esteem today, with AllMusic referring to the album as “unfocused”, saying it “will hold little interest to the average heavy metal fan.” Rolling Stone says it was “not a blaze of glory for the original foursome” but added that it may be “better than people might remember”. In 2013 Phil Alexander of Mojo referred to the album as “disastrous”.

In October 1978 Osbourne said “It’s a combination of what we’ve all been through in the last ten years. It’s a very varied album. We got rid of all our inner frustrations: what each of us individually wanted to put down over the years but couldn’t because of the pressures of work. So we put a lot of painstaking hours into developing this album.” However, Osborne quickly soured on the LP, telling After Hours in a 1981 interview “The last album I did with Sabbath was Never Say Die! and it was the worst piece of work that I’ve ever had anything to do with. I’m ashamed of that album. I think it’s disgusting”. He went on to claim that the band flew to Toronto in January during sub-zero temperature “purely because the Rolling Stones had recorded a live album there.” In 2013, Osbourne told Mojo, “I’d go down to the studio and I heard what sounded like a jazz band playing. Is this really Black Sabbath? I’d just fuck off.” Osbourne was fired by the band eight months later.

Despite the negative reception, Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil cited “Never Say Die!” as one of his favourite Black Sabbath albums.

At the time of the recording of Never Say Die! the members of Black Sabbath were all heavily involved in drug and alcohol abuse. Prior to recording, vocalist Osbourne briefly quit the band and was temporarily replaced by former Savoy Brown and Fleetwood Mac vocalist Dave Walker. In 1992, guitarist Tony Iommi explained to Guitar World, “Right before we were supposed to record Never Say Die!, Ozzy quit the band.

Osbourne eventually rejoined the band, but refused to sing any of the songs written with Walker. Iommi elaborated in the 1992 Guitar World piece, “two days before we were finally ready to record again, Ozzy decided to come back. But he wouldn’t sing any of the stuff we had written without him! Bill Ward had to sing on one track (“Swinging The Chain”). We ended up having to write in the day so we could record in the evening, and we never had time to review the tracks and make changes. As a result, the album sounds very confused.”

Old men crying, young men dying
World still turns as Father Time looks on
On and on
Children playing, dreamers praying
Laughter turns to tear as love has gone
Has it gone?

Oh, it’s a hard road
Oh, it’s a hard road

Whirlwind churning, lovers learning
On this path of life we can’t back down
Is it wrong?
Widows weeping, babies sleeping
Life becomes the singer and the song
Sing along

Oh, it’s a hard road
Carry your own load

Why make the hard road?
Why can’t we be friends?
No need to hurry
We’ll meet in the end

Why make the hard road?
Why can’t we be friends?
No need to worry
Let’s sing it again

Brother’s sharing, mother’s caring
Nightime falling victim to the dawn
Shadows small
Days are crawling, time is calling
To the Earth another life is gone
Love line drawn

Oh, it’s a hard road
Carry your own load
Oh, it’s a hard road
Oh, it’s a hard road…

Forget all your sorrow, don’t live in the past
And look to the future, `cause life goes too fast, you know
Forget all your sorrow, don’t live in the past
And look to the future, `cause life goes too fast, you know
Forget all your sorrow, don’t live in the past
And look to the future, `cause life goes too fast, you know…


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