“I’m creeping back to life…. My nervous system all awry”

Wearing The Inside Out – Pink Floyd (1994) 24bit High Res Audio 1080p Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Wearing The Inside Out” was released on Pink Floyd’s 14th and last album, The Division Bell, in the spring of 1994. This video is an update from my earlier version (over 4 years ago!): https://youtu.be/5HmfwLvJZIg This update features high resolution 24/96 audio from 2014 remaster.

This video has been done for a couple of weeks but I’m not very happy with it so I’ve made numerous adjustments trying to make it work better, most of which have only succeeded in making things worse! lol! When I’m updating the old ones I try and keep most of the old stuff intact just find better quality sources, add a few variations, correct some issues, etc. which I did, but in this case the result is debatable (maybe a marginal improvement video-wise, but the HD lossless audio remaster from 2014 is a hands-down major improvement!). I thought about starting over with only a few of the things that are packed in here because there is a way better visual for this track, but in the end I’m tired of messing with it for now & decided to wait until update number 3 in 4 years or so! 😉

This song has always been one of my very favorite late Floyd efforts, just an extremely beautiful and haunting melody made even more special with Richard Wright’s wonderful vocals (he hadn’t sung lead on a Pink Floyd track since “Time” from Dark Side Of The Moon in 1973!), and David Gilmour’s incredible guitar. It was also so amazingly cool to hear Dick Parry’s familiar saxophone come through the speakers once again as his contributions on the instrument are so prominent on both Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here albums. All these things make “Wearing The Inside Out” a standout track.

The music is written mostly by David Gilmour and Richard Wright; lyrically, the album deals mostly with themes of communication. Recording took place in a number of locations, including the band’s Britannia Row Studios, and Gilmour’s houseboat, Astoria. Some incredible talent was involved in the production of this record including Bob Ezrin (production), Michael Kamen (arrangements) and Chris Thomas (mixing)…all of whom’s work I continue to admire.

I’d also love to return to The Division Bell once more and try something for my other favorite from this album, “High Hopes”.

Anyway, as usual….hope you enjoy the video!

From morning to night I stayed out of sight
Didn’t recognise I’d become
No more than alive I’d barely survive
In a word…overrun

Won’t hear a sound
He’s curled into the corner
From my mouth
But still the screen is flickering
I’ve spent too long
With an endless stream of garbage to
On the inside out
…curse the place
My skin is cold
In a sea of random images
To the human touch
The self-destructing animal
This bleeding heart’s
Waiting for the waves to break
Not beating much

I murmured a vow of silence and now
I don’t even hear when I think aloud
Extinguished by light I turn on the night
Wear its darkness with an empty smile

I’m creeping back to life
My nervous system all awry
I’m wearing the inside out

Look at him now
He’s paler somehow
But he’s coming around
He’s starting to choke
It’s been so long since he spoke
Well he can have the words right from my mouth

And with these words I can see
Clear through the clouds that covered me
Just give it time then speak my name
Now we can hear ourselves again

I’m holding out
He’s standing on the threshold
For the day
Caught in fiery anger
When all the clouds
And hurled into the furnace
Have blown away
…to curse the place
I’m with you now
He’s torn in all directions
Can speak your name
And still the screen is flickering
Now we can hear
Waiting for the flames to break
Ourselves again



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