I Can See Elvis – The Waterboys (2015)

I Can See Elvis – The Waterboys (2015) FLAC Audio HD Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“I Can See Elvis” was released on The Waterboys’ eleventh studio album, Modern Blues, at the beginning of 2015. This record was produced by Mike Scott and mixed by the great Bob Clearmountain in Nashville.

This video is the first in hopefully a chunk of new uploads of things that have been sitting around way too long unfinished. This one has basically been finished for many months (only really new stuff is the the little Bowie, Prince, Kantner stuff I couldn’t resist)…but I didn’t upload it because I didn’t really like that it moved a bit slow for the track. Thought I’d go back in speed it up, but it seems like more effort that necessary….especially for a track (as much as I love it) that won’t see just a whole lot of love…..The Waterboys fans rock on with me! 😉

HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art made this new art possible….THANK YOU! And thank YOU for watching….I hope you enjoy!

I can see Elvis
Skinny like he was back in ’57
Razor quiffed and leather squeezed
Sideburns flickering in the breeze
That blows across the veils of heaven

I can see Elvis
Throned like a king astride a golden Harley
Smoking a reefer he just rolled
Full of Acapulco Gold
With Hendrix, Dean and Marley.

I can see Elvis
Prowling like a cat across a funky bandstand
Keith Moon behind him banging drums
Charlie Parker all thumbs
John Lennon doing handstands

I can see Elvis
Talking philosophy and law with Joan of Arc and Plato
Quizzing Shakespeare on his plays
Showing Crazy Horse and Marvin Gaye
How to dance the mashed potato

I can see Elvis
High and low and high and low and high he’shunting
Looking for a special prey who only just arrived up here today
Break out the bunting

I can see Elvis
He’s writing songs for Donald
In a little leather journal
And he revolved the words he wrote

“I’m gonna slit the throat of that skinflint the Colonel!”
I can see Elvis
I can see Elvis
I can see Elvis
I can see Elvis
I can see Elvis
I can see Elvis
(Doo- wop doo-wop doo- wop doo-wop



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