“Impenetrable I can’t get inside of it no…”

Impenetrable – Graham Parker (1996) FLAC Audio HD Video ~MetalGuruMessiah~

“Impenetrable” was released in September 1996 on Graham Parker’s 14th studio album, Acid Bubblegum. Nothing more to say about Graham Parker that I’ve not already said…he’s one on my top 20 artists and I listen to his catalog very frequently….he’s yet to release an album that I haven’t loved.

“Impenetrable” was one of my favorite songs from Acid Bubblegum…there are a couple more from it I’d like to get around to. All Graham Parker’s albums are strong and have at least a few songs that I count among my favorite of his catalog.

This video was another quickie using an audio spectrum effect from the track…this time over Graham’s sunglasses (bummed because I originally had the left lens picking up only the (really cool) bass playing, but I somehow lost it before rendering. The image I used of Graham was pretty low-res and I had to really lay on the blur to lose the jaggies…there are numerous other photos of Graham in sunglasses, but this one was the one I really wanted to use for the effect.

Play Graham’s music loud and play it often and if you’re not already a fan…get read to become one! 😉 Thanks to all for watching!

I’m in a trailer with some white trash.
They’re drinkin’ beer and smokin’ grass
There’s a dumb chick with peroxide hair.
She’s got Axl Rose tattooed on her ass
They’re holding me up like a trophy in a hall
Like a deer skin or a bear’s head they bought from the mall
I act like I’m with them but I’m behind a wall
Behind a wall in the darkness

I ca – ah – ah – ah – an’t
I wake up in a foreign bed.
The hotel is empty the porters are dead
The maids are diseased but the manager said:
I’ll buy you a drink in the bar pal
Because you’re our last customer. You’re our last hope
The city’s deserted, the Government’s broke
I act like I’m with him but I’m ready to bolt
Out through the door into the darkness
Out in the darkness the New Year’s crowd howl
It’s the same celebration for 20 years now
I found myself there once alone in a crowd
And the rules haven’t changed for a minute
They’re hoisting an effigy up on a pole
It’s someone I remember, it’s someone I know
I can’t place the face but when the gasoline flows
I feel the flames lick round my ankles




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