“I see the chimneys smoking above the golden fields … know what the robin feels in his summer jamboree.”

Home – Jethro Tull (1979) FLAC Remaster HD Video

“Home” was released on Jethro Tull’s twelfth album, Stormwatch in September 1979.

Stormwatch is considered the last in the trilogy of folk-rock albums, although folk music influenced virtually every Tull album. Among other subject-matter, the album touches heavily on the problems relating to the environment, oil and money.

Stormwatch would be the last Tull album to feature the classic line-up of the 1970s. Bassist John Glascock, suffering at this point from the effects of a cardiac infection that eventually led to his death, is only featured on three tracks (“Flying Dutchman”, “Orion”, and “Elegy”). Ian Anderson played bass elsewhere on the album while Dave Pegg played on the subsequent tour.

After “Heavy Horses” this album was quite a letdown….to me it lacks cohesiveness and some songs that, as a huge Tull fan, were strangely unappealing to me.

“Home” is one of my favorites from the album, and even though it’s slight, it’s my favorite track on side one (which also contained the album’s two biggest disappointments, the epic track “Dark Ages” and “Warm Sporran” (c’mon Ian…this is how you end the record’s first side?!). (The epics were usually my favorite tracks on Tull albums, but this “Dark Ages” always seemed so busy and had a “thrown together” feel that I’d never experienced with previous long tracks, and where with most of Ian’s epic’s the ending somehow still came too soon…for this one it couldn’t have been soon enough).

Side Two of course contains three really great songs; “Old Ghosts”, “Dun Ringill” (considered by many fans the best on the album…certainly by me) and “Flying Dutchman” (I like the album’s second epic way more than the first! :-)…and the final track “Elegy” is a really beautiful instrumental (that I was tempted to tack on to this video (as the songs always seemed to compliment one another), but decided to give it a separate video later.

This video uses a video clip originally obtained for another Tull track I’ve been working on (“Fire At Midnight” ..the dog by the fire) and hopefully I’ll be able to finish getting that one worked up soon.

I’m not entirely happy with the result of this video, mainly because of the seasonal inconsistency and because the leaf transitions make it look like a commercial…but once again, it’s gloriously free and free means compromise :-)…plus I hadn’t been in a video mood lately and needed to crank something out! 😉 x 2! But, even though it’s not really the video I envisioned…..I hope you like it anyway!

As usual HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art made this new art possible…THANK YOU!!

As the dawn sun breaks over sleepy gardens
I’ll be here to do all things to comfort you.
And though I’ve been away
left you alone this way
why don’t you come awake
and let your first smile take me home.
The shadows in the park were longer yesterday
and Lady Luck stood still, waiting for the kill.
And on a jumbo ride
over seas grey, deep and wide
I flew for heaven’s sake
and let the angels take me home.
Down steep and narrow lanes I see the chimneys smoking
above the golden fields … know what the robin feels
in his summer jamboree.
All elements agree
in sweet and stormy blend —
midwife to winds that send me home.

By MetalGuruMessiah

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