For the fools and the dreamers….from Justin Hayward & John Lodge’s 1975 album Blue Jays…”Blue Guitar”.

Blue Guitar – Justin Hayward & John Lodge (1975) 2013 FLAC Remaster 1080p Video

“Blue Guitar” was released in September 1975 as the second (non-album) single from Justin Hayward and John Lodge’s Blue Jays album which was released in March of that year. It was included on the CD release of the album in 1987 as a bonus track (also the 2004 remaster of the album). This video incorporates the version from the Moody Blues’ 2013 remastered box set, Timeless Flight, as I believe this version to be the best sounding.

Blue Jays is fine and beautiful album by Justin Hayward and John Lodge. It sounds very much like the Moodies, and is in fact rates with some of their best work. This was one of those songs I heard infrequently on the radio and I remember looking for the album…and of course it wasn’t to be found. In those days it was not only difficult to get information on songs, but at least in my part of the world, it was extremely hard to find this kind of single. I was so happy to find the track included on the CD so I was finally able to have this beauty in my collection.

The song was actually recorded by Justin and 10cc, and I guess John didn’t have much to do with it….but it definitely fits perfectly on the Blue Jays album, so my vid motif with that record also features John.

I was hoping to finish some of my Moody videos that I’ve already started, but this one hit me out of the blue 😉 and I knew what I wanted to try with it. Is there any serious doubt that Justin Hayward of the absolute greatest singers in rock history? Indeed he is.

The song reached #8 in the UK and #94 in the US….in the alternate music reality where great music gets it’s due….it reached #1 worldwide! LOL! Anyway….hope you enjoy the video effort for the gorgeous song.

Blue guitar
Fortune of my ways
Making of my days
New chord
Counting up the ways
Happiness is lazy

If you don’t know the song
If you can’t put the words to the tune
Tell the rhyme from the reason
What should it matter
To the fool or the dreamer

New hope
Travellers in a storm
Finding love is warm
New day
The world has just begun
Our eyes have seen the sun

If you don’t know the way
If you can’t see the wood for the trees
Taste the wine from the water
Well what should it matter
To the fool or the dreamer

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