“I can always pretend…That I’ll fall in love again” from 1980 Roxy Music’s “Running Wild”

Running Wild – Roxy Music (1980) 2012 FLAC Remaster 1080p Video

“Running Wild” was released in May of 1980 on Roxy Music’s seventh studio album, Flesh + Blood.

This was the second Roxy Music album I ever owned (Roxy Music was one of the bands that I always read about in the rock and roll magazines I read, but I’d somehow never gotten into them until I came across the Manifesto album in 1979 and finally, based on the cool cover and desire to finally check out what Roxy Music was all about). Manifesto was like nothing I’d heard and one of those records that I played very often late at night when I most favored the stranger, deeper, denser things. The first few times I listened to Manifesto, it left me pretty cold, but it was definitely a grower and I ended up a huge fan of that record.

I was thrilled to find Flesh + Blood on the shelves the next year, and of course it was met with some pretty high expectations after Manifesto. It was a huge letdown for me initially, but just as with Manifesto, it took repeated listens for it to open up to me where I began to really enjoy it….I think one of the things that let me down was that there were two covers (I hated to see covers on albums by my favorite bands because of course that meant less originals)….but it’s got some really strong and beautiful tracks on it and I like it much more than I used to.

I know I’m guilty of committing a kind of sacrilege among many serious Roxy Music fans (similar to the sacrilege I commit with some hardcore Genesis fans by stating my favorite Genesis albums are three mid period records and not the more acclaimed early stuff), but since I started my listening experience with Roxy Music during the albums from Manifesto (’79), Flesh + Blood (’80) and Avalon (’82), these albums always resonate with me more than the more classic (and astonishing! absolutely!) earlier Roxy Music albums.

As usual HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art made this new art possible…especially the creators of the various amazing horse clips (no idea of the source of each)….check out wittydud’s amazing channel for more: https://www.youtube.com/user/wittydud …..thanks all!

There’s that melody again
Burning through my head it does me in
Turns me right around to my old friend
Wonder how you’ve changed, are you still

Running wild, like you do
When all your dreams come true
Happy days you pretend
That your love will never end
There’s that melody again

Where it’s coming from I must have been
Drifting out of time, now I’m in
Underneath you’ll find I’m just the same
Running wild, like you do
When all your dreams fall through

I can always pretend
That I’ll fall in love again
Running wild, like we do
If only dreams came true
I could even pretend
That I’ll fall in love again

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