“The days are blessings”

Days – Jon Anderson (1980) Remastered FLAC Audio 1080p Video

“Days” was released on Jon Anderson’s second solo album, Song Of Seven, in November of 1980. This was his first record to utilize an actual band (the New Life Band).

Song of Seven was released during Anderson’s first hiatus from Yes and supported by his first solo tour. “Some Are Born”, “Days”, “Everybody Loves You” and “Hear It” were originally written and demoed during the Tormato sessions, but the arrangements recorded on Song of Seven draw more on Celtic and R&B influences.

At the time Song Of Seven was released I was right in the middle of my hardcore Yes period (the string of albums beginning with Going For The One in ’77 and ending with 90215 in ’83…why have I not yet finished anything from Tormato? There is no excuse! LOL!) and had just seen Yes in concert (on the Drama tour) in the weeks prior. I was huge on the Drama record but missed Jon (and Rick’s) involvement, so I couldn’t wait to pick up Jon’s new album….and it was a really great one…it remains among my very favorite solo records released by the members of Yes!

I have been dusting off my ancient video effort for my favorite song from Song of Seven (the epic title track), but decided the thing was so ancient that nearly all of it needed to be scrubbed….hopefully it’ll see a rebirth soon!? 😉 Until then, here’s something for the equally fine, but much shorter track that leads into it…the beautiful composition “Days”. I hope you enjoy this wonderful Jon Anderson song….thanks for watching!

This song of evening’s light
Would charge my memory to flight
The trees that listen
Swift wings do carry on through constant
Gardens they offer delight
It is the evening
In deepest woods and fern
Young deer step light through morning’s mist
Ascend the swallows
First light streams through the treetops
Bouncing as the flowers illuminate
The breath of morning
This song of ages past
I lay in peace midst grass so green
To reach to skyward
Where larks do sing such high delights
Do pour into my senses
The days are blessings
The days are blessings
The days are blessings

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