Oh Lord where did the feeling go….Big Country’s “Chance” from 1983

Chance – Big Country (1983) HQ Remastered Audio HD Video 

“Chance” was released in the summer of 1983 on Big Country’s debut studio album, The Crossing.

Big Country remains one of my very favorite bands…from that first incredibly powerful, haunting album which sounded like nothing you’d ever heard before, up through the final ones they produced with the insanely underrated vocalist and writer Stuart Adamson. While most of my friends were playing the latest U2 monster album, I was usually listening to the increasingly unrecognized efforts from Big Country. I have one friend in particular who I still run into now and again and he often as not says something to the effect of “man, you used to you to U2 alot!”…and I’m always like; “It was BIG COUNTRY, fool…how many times I gotta tell ya!?” (Though in all fairness he might be thinking of a several month period where the War cassette never left the deck…..and i know I probably reversed “New Year’s Day” http://youtu.be/p7n9itKuJh4 enough to sufficiently annoy the hell out of everyone!) LOL! Man….remember how back in the day we would all be fast forwarding or reversing our favorite tunes on 8-track or cassette….that high pitched screeching noise! 😉 I’m fond of some U2 tracks of course, but for me at least, Big Country was just way more impressive. Big Country has so many absolute gems scattered throughout their catalog (a way high ration of great to good songs on each album) which have been criminally overlooked, fortunately “Chance” isn’t one of them, as it did receive some recognition for the group….an absolutely perfect song.

I wanted to take the existing video for this track and try to highlight the constantly blending/crossing movement of the band…to make it “pop” a bit more. More Big Country favs on the way….till then hope you enjoy “Chance”! Thanks so much for watching!

The Crossing is the first studio album released by Scottish band Big Country. The album reached #3 in the UK; overseas, it hit #4 in Canada on the RPM national Top Albums Chart and #18 in the US on the Billboard 200 in 1983. It went on to be certified platinum in the UK and Canada. It contains the song “In a Big Country” which is their only U.S. Top 40 hit single. The song featured heavily engineered guitar playing, strongly reminiscent of bagpipes; Adamson and fellow guitarist Watson achieved this through the use of the MXR Pitch Transposer 129 Guitar Effect. Also contributing to the band’s unique sound was their use of the e-bow, a device which allows a guitar to sound more like strings or synthesizer.

The album has been remastered and reissued on three occasions. The latest version released by Universal in 2012 in advance of the album’s 30th anniversary includes a second disc of previously unissued demos. Also included in the set is a track produced by Chris Thomas from the first abortive attempt to record the band’s debut album. The demos include the earliest recordings done by Adamson and Bruce Watson, some of which were recorded on four-track prior to recruiting either a drummer or bassist for the band.

The set also includes a booklet with interviews (new in the case of the current band members and archived in the case of the late Stuart Adamson) by the journalist and author Tim Barr. Lyrics for all of the key songs are also included, and the album has been remastered by Paschal Byrne from the original master tapes. In total, ten previously unreleased tracks were included in the deluxe, digitally remastered edition.

All the rain came down
On a cold new town
As it carried you away
From your father’s hand
That always seemed like a fist
Reaching out to make you pay

He came like a hero from the factory floor
With the sun and moon as gifts
But the only son you ever saw
Were the two he left you with

Oh Lord where did the feeling go
Oh Lord I never felt so low

Now the skirts hang so heavy around your head
That you never knew you were young
Because you played chance with a lifetime’s romance
And the price was far too long

Oh Lord where did the feeling go
Oh Lord I never felt so low

Oh Lord where did the feeling go
Oh Lord I never felt so low

Oh Lord where did the feeling go
Oh Lord I never felt so low

Oh Lord where did the feeling go
Oh Lord I never felt so low

Oh Lord where did the feeling go
Oh Lord I never felt so low

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