Baby until the last goodbye Take it or leave it

Take It Or Leave It – UFO (1980) HQ Audio Remaster

“Take It Or Leave It” was released in January 1980 on UFO’s eighth studio album, No Place to Run is the eighth album by the band UFO. This was the first album to feature Paul Chapman who replaced Michael Schenker on lead guitar.

The album was produced by George Martin, best known for his work with The Beatles. The record cover was issued in several different versions in the UK, although the only difference was the colour of the album title. Two singles were released from the album: “Young Blood” and “Letting’ Go”.

I listen to UFO constantly, they remain a favorite after all these years…the quality of their releases has remained strong and they never fail to impress me with each album they release. I have started numerous videos for UFO tracks, but they mostly fall in the category of “I cannot decide which video to use which effects” category…many ballads which could support nearly the same video, and the effects I try out look great with the various album covers, each completely unique and interesting to look at… I can never decide and just move on to something else. It was time to just do one…..thought about “Take It Or Leave It” my favorite track from No Place To Run.

I didn’t even really try to hard to get the lipsync looking accurate, just cleaned up a very small clip of UFO live at the BBC performing “Lonely Heart” and tried to make it work out.

As usual HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art made this new work possible….THANK YOU!!! And…..a big THANK YOU for checking the video out….hope you like it.

I’m on my way home
To see my little angel
Trying to put the pieces back together
Well it’s been so long
I’m feeling like a stranger
But they tell me a good thing lasts forever

[1] Who’s to say we can’t talk it over
’cause in time I know
That we’ll work it out
Give it one more chance
Before it’s too late
Baby until the last goodbye

Take it or leave it or leave me alone
Baby one (more) little sad reply
Take it or leave it or leave me alone
As time passed

By a thousand miles of ocean
I put you out of sight
And out of mind girl
And before too long promises were broken
Seemed no matter how we tried

[Repeat 1]

Thumb11 Thumb12 Thumb13 Thumb14 Thumb15


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