It Doesn’t Work Out If You Don’t Work At It. (One more from Sir Paul and I promise to stop….for awhile….maybe!? ;-)

We Got Married – Paul McCartney (1989) HQ Audio Remaster (Full Album Version w/David Gilmour solo)

“We Got Married” was released on Paul McCartney’s eight solo album (16th if you count the Wings albums…and who was Wings, really?….so yeah, I’ll say his 16th solo album! LOL!), Flowers In The Dirt, in the late spring of 1989.

Flowers In The Dirt Upon was considered a major return to form for McCartney because he was embarking on his first world tour since the Wings Over the World tour in 1975–76. The album was also celebrated due to its musical quality, which earned McCartney some of his best reviews in years. The album gained number 1 status in the United Kingdom.

The album was moderately successful, and produced several hit singles (particularly “My Brave Face”, the last US top 40 hit by any ex-Beatle).

This album was easily the best thing Paul had done since Tug Of War, seven years earlier. It was somewhat startling to hear Paul back to such strong form when this album was released and this is still one of my favorite McCartney albums. “We Got Married” was always my favorite song on the album….does David Gilmour’s guitar solo break have anything to do with that? What do you think?! 😉

I saw Paul for the first time when he was on this tour….it was incredible. Is there anyone who consistently gives more of themselves to their fans at every single show than Paul McCartney? I doubt it.

So anyway, it’s not been a good couple of weeks for videos……I FINALLY finished my first video for a Led Zeppelin track (yeah, I hear ya guys! LOL!) and was disappointed to realize that it isn’t going to happen right now… I needed to find a nearly finished video to upload. I had wanted to do a video for “We Got Married” which would use the full album version of the song (the official video is nearly a minute shorter and misses some of the best bits of the song!). My original video featured some nice video clips of wedding/couples edited into the original video which I’d created new effects for, but it still had some work to do. I decided to just take out the wedding stuff and use the original video with the new effects, with a few edits to fill out the album version (and to repeat Paul and Hamish duo on the outro).

Hope you enjoy it….thanks for checking it out!

Going Fast, Coming Soon
We Made Love In The Afternoon.
Found A Flat, After That
We Got Married.

Working Hard For The Dream,
Scoring Goals For The Other Team,
Times Were Bad, We Were Glad
We Got Married.

Like The Way You Open Up Your Hearts To Each Other,
When You Find A Meeting Of The Minds.
Just As Well Love Was All We Ever Wanted,
It Was All We Ever Had.

Further On In The Game,
Waiting Up Till The Children Came.
Place Your Bets, No Regrets,
We Got Married.
We Got Married.
We Got Married.

Nowadays Every Night Flashes By
At The Speed Of Light,
Living Life, Loving Wife,
We Got Married.

I Love The Things That Happen
When We Start To Discover
Who We Are And What We’re Living For,
Just Because Love Was All We Ever Wanted
It Was All We Ever Had.

It’s Not Just A Loving Machine,
It Doesn’t Work Out
If You Don’t Work At It.

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