I know the way…I can see by the moonlight clear as the day

“Follow Me Home” was released on the Dire Straits’ sophomore album, Communiqué, in the summer of 1979. This is my favorite Dire Straits album and the second I’ve done for a track from it (the first being one of my very first videos, (and somehow still by far my most popular one)….”Once Upon A Time In The West”….the vid is too clunky for me to bear now, but the song is as classic and timeless as ever…gotta get around to a reboot on that vid someday!) This song has always been another favorite from the album, I just really love the smooth tropical-like groove that the band finds and stays in for the track….Knopfler’s guitar is as stylishly stunning as always, and Pick Withers’s restrained style, favoring spare snare drum and hi-hat combinations sound are perfect for the track.

I tried to capture the images that this song always conjures when I hear it….beaches, stars, fires, tiki torches, chimes…got it all (couldn’t quite get the “meat” part right! LOL!)….it’s not quite the way it plays in my head, but then they never are. Hope you enjoy the effort….thanks for watching!

I hope the video helps to take another amazing song to a higher level and opens it up for some new fans. As usual HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art contributed to this new art….THANK YOU!!!!

Oh well the sun go down
Celebration in the town tonight
All day long
They been slaughtering upon the stone
Share out the meat
Yeah, you really like to eat
Come on woman, come follow me home

Well, the priest he cries
Virgin ascending to the skies tonight
All day long
I have passed my time alone
And when the church bell rung
I stayed out on the tower
In a dying sun
Now come on woman, come follow me home

Well I don’t need no priest
But I love all of the people
Yes I share the feast
So I drink up my wine
Yes and the song in my bones
I know the way
I can see by the moonlight
Clear as the day
Now come on woman, come follow me home

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