“All you hear are hard luck stories….”

“Hard Luck Story” was released in the fall of 1975 on Elton John’s tenth studio album, Rock Of The Westies. Its title is a comedic play on words devised by John. He turned the phrase “West of the Rockies” into Rock of the Westies. (“Westie” is also a nickname for the West Highland White Terrier).

Like Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy, Rock of the Westies also debuted on the US Billboard 200 chart at No. 1, the only two albums at that time to have done so. It was less successful in the artist’s home territory of the UK, where it reached No. 5 on the UK Albums Chart. Robert Christgau listed it as No. 7 on his list of the best albums of 1975.

So yeah, I remember hearing that Elton had canned Nigel and Dee after Captain Fantastic was recorded, and that it would be not quite the same without them on the new record. I came to enjoy the record greatly, but it wasn’t as immediately a classic as EJ fans were expecting, as it was not quite up to par with Captain Fantastic (could anything be really?). There are more tracks than usual for an Elton John album that didn’t really burrow into my brain, but besides those tracks (“Grow Some Funk…” and “Feed Me”…they have their fans, but just didn’t work for me at all) it’s still a great album! When I listen to the record today, I just think about how Dee’s bass would have sounded?!

The concept for this video is over two years old and I’d tried several times to make it happen, but problems with the clips I had for “The Gold Rush” prevented me from getting it done. I’m on another tangent to push out some old videos, come hell or high water, so I finally made it happen. This is my second video to feature a Charlie Chaplin film (Boomtown Rat’s “I Never Loved Eva Braun” used clips from “The Great Dictator”)….there are few geniuses on the level of either Elton John OR Charlie Chaplin…..and I’m happy to feature them both in this vid! Got plans for a couple of other tracks from this album, until then…hope you enjoy this one!

If you are a fan of this album….you seriously need to visit Amazon and buy the Audio Fidelity version that was recently released……amazing sound and you’ve never heard this album with so much punch and clarity!!!!

Sometimes I think I’m going crazy
Staring at the same four walls
Waiting for the working day to end

Then I get home so wasted, worn out
I curse at you and tell you
How I’ve done the work of ten to fifteen men

How I’ve struggled for my money
Sweated blood to get us by, yeah
Well, I’m tired of it, honey
Think I’m gonna have to leave here for a while

All you hear are hard luck stories
And the ways I look at life
And the way I think the world treats me
And the way I treat my wife

I never seem to look at you
And see that somewhere underneath
A pair of tired eyes are crying out

Well, you know I work hard all day long
Let me kiss you once with meaning
Just to kill this nagging doubt

Well, you don’t deny I do you proud
And you expect me to be tired
You say there’s no future in our lives
While I persist I’m putting out the fire

All you hear are hard luck stories
Just a few well chosen words
‘Cause you’re still the woman of a working man
You’ve got the heart of a working girl

All you hear are hard luck stories
And the ways I look at life
And the way I think the world treats me
And the way I treat my wife

All you hear are hard luck stories
And the ways I look at life
And the way I think the world treats me
And the way I treat my wife


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