Camera. Camera.

“Into The Lens” was released in the summer of 1980 on Yes’ 10th studio album, Drama. Yes had scored a masterpiece with Going For The One in 1977, then missed the mark with Tormato in 1978 (this is a good record that could have been great with different production) and I remember wondering which of these two previous records the new one would sound like when I picked up Drama at the record store. The answer is of course….neither! It’s a seriously different record than the band had ever done before. The album has it’s share of fans (and detractors) among the Yes fans….count me as a fan for several reasons; 1.) the album ROCKS, 2.) the muddy, dull production from Tormato is corrected x10, 3.) the tour for this album was the only time I ever saw Yes in concert (awesome even without Jon!), and 4.) it brings memories of a great summer!

This was a difficult song to set to video and I’ve been messing around with it for a long time….multiple tempo changes and tons of cues….I kept adding and adding but always felt it was lacking something….it was a slog and I’m not thrilled with the result, but I’m thrilled to be finished with this one so I can focus on some other videos that I’m having much more fun with. Enjoy! Thanks for watching!

As usual HUGE THANKS for everyone who’s art contributed to this new art…THANK YOU!!!!

Memories, how they fade so fast
Look back, that is no escape
Tied down, now you see too late.
Lovers, they will never wait.

I am a camera

Take heart, I could never let you go
And you, always let the feeling show
Love us all, how you never broke your heart
You lose them
If you feel the feeling start.

I am a camera, camera, camera

And you, may find time will blind you
This to just remind you
All is meant to be.

Here, by the waterside
There, where the lens is wide
You and me
By the sea
Taken in tranquility.

Taken, taken so easily
To pass into glass reality
Transform, to transfer, to energy.

Taken, taken, so easily
To pass into glass reality
Transformer, transferring energy.

Some screen captures:

Thumb1 Thumb10 Thumb9 Thumb8 Thumb7 Thumb6 Thumb5 Thumb4 Thumb3 Thumb2


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