Aisumasen (I’m Sorry) – John Lennon (1973)

“Aisumasen (I’m Sorry)” is a track from John Lennon’s fourth album Mind Games, which was recorded at Record Plant Studios in summer 1973, and released in November of that year. The album was Lennon’s first self-produced recording without help from Phil Spector. Like his previous album, the politically topical and somewhat abrasive Some Time in New York City, Mind Games was poorly received by some music critics upon release, but its reissue has been met with more favorable reviews. It reached number 13 in the UK and number 9 in the US, where it was certified gold.

The album was recorded while Lennon was having difficulties with US immigration and at the beginning of his 18-month separation from Yoko Ono. The title track was released as a single at the same time as the album.

Mind Games has always been one of my favorite John Lennon albums, and I always felt it was overly harshly reviewed….as if critics wanted another Plastic Ono Band or Imagine album? This was a different album than those two, more funky-loose groove and some great rock and roll….loud up front guitars and dynamic instrumentation…the production is amazing!

This is my second video for a track from this album (also did an earlier video for “You Are Here”):

and one of three other tracks off the record I’ve begun vids for. This video was the further behind the other two, but I wanted to move it out and take more time refining the other two. This wasn’t really the video I had in mind for this track, but I hope you’ll find it at least an interesting background to this beautiful track. The guitar solo on this track is amazing as well.

As usual HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art contributed to this new art…THANK YOU!!!!!

When I’m down, really yin
And I don’t know what I’m doing
Aisumasen, aisumasen Yoko
All I had to do was call your name
All I had to do was call your name

And when I hurt you and cause you pain
Darlin I promise I won’t do it again
Aisumasen, aisumasen Yoko
It’s hard enough I know just to feel your own pain
It’s hard enough I know to feel, feel your own pain

All that I know is just what you tell me
All that I know is just what you show me

When I’m down, real sanpaku
And I don’t know what to do
Aisumasen, aisumasen Yoko san
All I had to do was call your name

Thumb art:

Thumb1 Thumb2


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