T. Rex’s “Monolith” from 1971.

“Monolith” was released in the fall on 1971 on T. Rex’s sixth studio album, Electric Warrior. This is a rock n roll masterpiece, one of the greatest rock/glam rock albums of ever. Marc Bolan was a unique artist and, though he may have started getting a little repetitive later in his career (before his untimely death in a car accident in 1977), he produced some great music until the end. And, I’m not sure his influence can be overstated…many artists owe a great debt to him, and this record in particular.

I mentioned in a recent video (Wishbone Ash’s “Sometime World”) how I came to come by this record….and from that first spin until today this album has lost none of it’s magic, beauty and power. It was tough to decide which track to do first (and I had some things leftover from the effort, so I’ll most likely follow up soon with another album track using some of those effects)….I’m happy to finally get around to doing something for a track from it….”Monolith”…maybe, just maybe, my favorite track on the album! (Maybe it’s that heavy stomp, like an old locomotive building up steam? Maybe it’s the spooky, surging, sighing, wailing, moaning of the layered background vocals? Definitely both!….Listen to it loud, preferably through some good headphones. 🙂 Hope you enjoy the thing….and thanks for watching!

As usual, Special Thanks to everyone who’s art made this new art possible….THANK YOU!!!!

The throne of time
Is a kingly thing
From whence you know
We all do begin
And dressed as you are girl
In your fashions of fate
Baby it’s too late

Shallow all the actions
Of the children of men
Fogged was their vision
Since the ages began
And lost like a lion
In the canyons of smoke
Girl it’s no joke.


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