Back for one night only!

Song: The Return Of Jimi Hendrix/Album: Dream Harder (1993)/Artist: The Waterboys

The Return Of Jimi Hendrix was released on The Waterboys sixth studio album, Dream Harder, in the spring of 1993. This was yet another great Waterboys album, packed with well-written and masterfully executed tracks. I loved the pastoral mellowness of the previous album (Room To Roam), and this harder rocking effort sounded great in a different, but equally brilliant, way.

“The Return Of Jimi Hendrix” was always a standout track for the record. You can sense Mike Scott’s passion about Jimi in both the lyrics and the delivery….and this song definitely rocks! It’s been along time since I did anything from The Waterboys and it’s great to finally get another video finished. For several weeks, I’ve been chipping away at a video which I thought would be my next Waterboys upload….a bit more epic track and demanding video, it’s not finished, however I’m happy to have “The Return Of Jimi Hendrix” in it’s place. It was a fun video to play with….just throw psychedelic at the wall and see what sticks (some sequences would have benefited from some cleanup processing…but of course with this type video, rough can be better! )….I hope you enjoy some of what stuck. Thanks for watching! ***Now would probably be a great time to do my first Hendrix video since there’s really already one in here. This project produced alot more Hendrix than this video could hold and I held back a few sequences/effects that I had created especially for this reason.

As usual HUGE THANKS to everyone who’s art contributed to this new art…..THANK YOU!!!!!


I dreamed about Jimi Hendrix
he came back for one day
was born weepin’ out of an egg
the mid-wife said
and straight away began to pray
with lifted head

He spent the early hours
communing with the morning stars
and then he came over to my house
where he tried out my guitar

He was young and black and beautiful
big eyed, perfect skin an’
he played my guitar like a lightning storm
like twirlin’ feathers in the wind
he could make it sound like the end of the world
a fire, the flick of a knife
he could squeeze it slow and masterful
like the hand that brought the world to life

Together we strolled in sculptured gardens
passed the sleepy afternoon
maids were dartin’ back and forth
from a window came a violin tune
angels, dressed as nurses toyed with playin’ cards
looters sprung from prisons filled the yard

A yellow sun hung low and dawned,
and as it dipped
Jimi stood up straight, grinned
and shook his velvet hips

Callin’ himself King Electric
in the evening he went wild
played on a dozen stages
in the clubs of New York –
lit the city end to end
wired it up, fired it up
scarved, bejewelled, long-legged, snake-limbed
athletic, driven, dangerous

He made all Manhattan shake
and every street and sidewalk quake
his stratocaster caused the mighty Empire State
to vibrate
his whammy bar caused shock-eyed punks from
Hackensack and Yonkers
raised on speed, metal and rap
to enter trance and levitate

He played Purple Haze and Pyramid,
Voodoo Child and Sin-E,
Up From the Skies and Stone Free
in King Tut’s Wah-Wah hut

He did a forty-two minute
cosmic rise in future shocks
Star Spangled Banner
in the back of CBGB’s

He stopped every clock in New York state
and every heart that heard him
and time itself was beaten and confused
and fell lamb-like under the spell of his fabulous flashing fingers

He played an encore at the Bitter End
a heartburst Little Wing
even the waiters cried
and then we fell outside
and in the dusty dawn of Bleeker street
a sweet rain fell
and Jimi died

A few alternate alternate thumb captures:

Thumb3 Thumb4 Thumb5 Thumb6


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