“I’ve got many rivers to cross”

Harry & John’s cover of Jimmy Cliff’s wonderful song is one of my two favorite versions, the other being UB40’s slicker, funkier take.  Harry’s efforts at recording this song nearly cost him a vocal cord or two….but man, was it worth it!?

An alternate thumb for the vid:



One comment on ““I’ve got many rivers to cross”

  1. Hi….I really like your work and wonder if you would consider doing a video for me? I’m a hobbist singer song writer and have written 10 or so songs over the past years…all but one I have recorded final versions in my apartment and put up on Youtube…I have one song that I wrote a long time ago that is only recorded in an audio version…rather than re-record it in video I`m wondering about putting a video montage like you do in the background…but you have the skills and I don’t!…So I’m willing to pay you to do one for me if you are interested…the song is a country blues piece called Jealous Boy Blues, sorry not heavy metal!….it has a bit of a story line but I would leave the video up your ample imagination and skills…again, really like your work!


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