“Time” is Dead…..LONG LIVE “Time”

Well, since EMI saw fit to mute the audio on my Pink Floyd “Time” video…still cannot fathom why certain labels think this type action is preferable to allowing videos of their catalog so they could make some $$$ AND keep these artists popular for new generation of fans?…but of course, it ain’t my call! 😉

ANYWAY……went ahead and plugged in a cover of this classic track, this one from A Collection Of Delicate Diamonds: A Tribute To Pink Floyd.  It features:

Backing Vocals — Billy Sherwood
Bass — Colin Moulding
Drums — Jay Schellen
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] — David Sancious
Organ — Billy Sherwood
Rototoms — Alan White
Sitar — Robby Krieger
Vocals, Guitar — Gary Green

Hope you enjoy it…just plug yer own audio behind it if you simply MUST have that classic Floyd….and really who wouldn’t?



One comment on ““Time” is Dead…..LONG LIVE “Time”

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