George Jones 1931 – 2013 The Greatest Singer I Ever Heard……

George Jones passed away today and he’d been on my mind quite alot recently as I was thinking about how his time would probably be coming soon….and how I knew the world would feel more empty than ever knowing that that one of a kind soulful voice would never be heard again.

Although I’ve always been a rocker at heart and don’t listen to much country, especially back in my younger days….but ever since the day I picked up a George Jones Greatest Hits CD in the early 80’s I’ve thought he had absolutely the greatest voice I’ve ever heard.  I have since collected much of his work, although he produced so much, I’m not sure I’ll ever get around to listening to it all….but I do know that I’ve admired his vocals on every single song I’ve ever heard him perform…and he always gave each song 100%.

This is a great loss for music lovers…..and please, no matter how hard you rock… really owe it to yourself to listen to some George Jones this weekend or ASAP.

RIP ole Possum!

A couple of videos I did for George Jones songs (the only country songs I’ve made videos for, btw):

Memories Of Us

Where Grass Won’t Grow


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